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How to operate the car in winter driving

How to operate the car in winter driving

How to operate the car in winter driving

Improper use of the car in winter driving on the cold season significantly increases the wear on some parts. Given the peculiarities of Europe climate, with the preparation of car for the winter driving is best not to delay. Goodyear suggest how to not only extend the life of the vehicle, but also to protect themselves from lurking in slippery surprises.

Liquids should not freeze – winter driving

Here is a list of liquids that you need to check before the onset of cold weather, engine oil, transmission fluid in the cooling system and the fluid in the washer tank glass. As practice shows, the winter is best proven synthetic oils. A liquid cooling system and washer must conform to the season and have a sufficient “safety margin” to night frosts are not presented with an unpleasant surprise.

Check the battery – winter driving

During cold weather the battery is subjected to heavy loads. Subzero temperatures can shorten the time it works, and sometimes does incapacitate. Before the onset of cold enough to produce simple prevention: to check the purity of the terminal, tighten the fastening tightly, check the open circuit voltage (normal rate – 12,5-12,9 B). Also not recommended for long periods include consumers of energy at idle and, especially, with the engine off.

Tidy wires and candles – winter driving

From the quality of their work is not only stable operation of the engine, but the fuel consumption. Take the time for this call in the next hundred and ask to check the integrity of the wires and spark in the candlelight.

How to operate the car in winter driving

Inspect wiper blades – winter driving

Visibility depends on winter driving and safety. Features Europe climate (hot summers, cold winters) contribute to the rapid deterioration of rubber parts “janitors.” In summer, they crack in the winter driving. Besides asphalt winter driving sprinkled quite aggressive means that from under the wheels of cars traveling ahead hit the windshield and significantly accelerate the wear of the wiper blades.

Replace the filters – winter driving

As part of preventive maintenance is also recommended to change the cabin filter and the filter engine. Given the increased fuel consumption in the cold season, in traffic with the new cabin filter you will breathe cleaner air. A new filter engine will help avoid excessive condensation due to temperature changes and protects the engine from dust. The water in the engine may cause water hammer, and subsequently lead to the need for repair of the engine, and the dust capable of causing mechanical damage to the walls of the cylinders, which will cause rough engine operation and the formation of excessive amounts of exhaust gases.

Watch for fuel – winter driving

Try to keep the fuel tank has been filled as often as possible. Thus, on its walls, and will not accumulate condensate freezes and crystals formed will not get into the fuel system. The result may be a failed fuel pump or injector, where the water gets under high pressure.

How to operate the car in winter driving

Replace the tire – winter driving

Winter driving tires – not so much a question of expediency, how much security as they are softer and more elastic summer, thus ensuring a good grip even in sub-zero temperatures. If you plan to travel abroad on holiday by car, keep in mind that in Europe, for the lack of seasonal tires you may be fined, or even “wrap” another departure from Europe. Better enroll in the tire center for replacement in advance for a certain time to avoid hours of waiting in line. By the way, if you have nowhere to store tires at home and carry the whole winter in the trunk do not want to, you can contact bus service center for seasonal storage.

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