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Wear or not to wear – that is the question

Wear or not to wear - that is the question

Wear or not to wear - that is the question

Condition of the brake system is important for the owner of the car all year round, especially in winter, when road conditions deteriorate sharply.

By one of the main factors influencing the performance of the braking system, is a condition of brake discs and pads, and above all, their degree of wear. Therefore, many modern cars tend to wear the sensors that are timely signaled the driver to stop by the stations and replace the pads.

If your vehicle is no such sensors, it is necessary to strictly follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, and timely implementation of all prescribed maintenance work, ie Then, since the degree of wear of the brake discs and pads can be determined only by measuring their thickness by means of special tools.

If this is not possible, you should pay attention to the following symptoms that may be due to problems with the braking system:

1) “beats” wheel during heavy braking;

2) Machine “leads” to the left or to the right or throws in a skid;

3) There are additional sounds (rattle, creak) by pressing the brake pedal;

4) The stopping distance has increased significantly, especially in the heating of the braking system.

Wear or not to wear - that is the question

If you have found at least one of these signs, hurry to make an SRT for the diagnosis of the braking system. In the diagnosis and replacement of the brake system, special attention is paid to such moments:

1) Standing brake disc friction surface thickness and uniformity of wear it (affects the “heartbeat” steering when braking), uniformity of structure, thermal conductivity, cracks, scratches, corrosion and abrasion.

2) Status of brake pads: friction surface thickness and uniformity of wear and tear.

3) The noise condition of the plates (if installed), which during operation to lose elasticity of 70%, but can be reused when replacing brake pads. Nevertheless, Bosch recommends them as substitute.

4) As a special lubricant recommended by the manufacturer, which does not contain metals and acids.

5) Performing the running discs and pads replaced.

Be vigilant – and on the road and in the workshop, and then no depreciation will not turn into a skid.

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