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We will turbocharged Ford “EcoBeast”

We will turbocharged Ford "EcoBeast"

We will turbocharged Ford "EcoBeast"

A few days ago, Ford registered in the US Patent Office and Trademark name EcoBeast.

The document stated that the new trade name applies to vehicles and engines.

Given the predilection for turbo fordovtsy family EcoBoost, there is no doubt that the Americans are preparing to debut something “charged” and turbocharged.

Earlier, the term was not used in EcoBeast vocabulary representatives of Ford , so the US media immediately began to build a theory of varying degrees of plausibility. Perhaps the most realistic option can be called a company’s plan to release a new and powerful pickup. This is explained by the fact that the above people’s nickname before that owners have come up with the F-150 with a 3.5-liter V6, and the manufacturer has developed a popular idea.

We will turbocharged Ford "EcoBeast"

Thus, the engine EcoBeast may appear on the “charged” version of the F-150 pickup truck SVT Raptor next generation. Now this modification of the machine is equipped with 6.2-liter “aspirated” to return 411 horsepower.

In addition, “The Beast” can be a very powerful offshoot of an existing line of EcoBoost motor or general concept car, which is now allegedly being developed in Ford . Given the approach of the international motor show in Detroit, which will take place next month, new details of a mysterious patent may appear very soon .

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