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Volvo to create more cars Cross country

Volvo to create more cars Cross country

Volvo to create more cars Cross country

Swedish car brand Volvo, which intends to compete with the world’s premium brands, will pay great attention to modifications of Cross Country. This was stated in an interview with Autocar, senior vice president Lex Kershemakers, who led, as it became known, the American office.

Last summer Kershemakers said that in the next four years, the Swedish brand lineup will be significantly changed. It will consist of three lines: 40,60, and 90, each of which will be a crossover sedan and station wagon. Then he referred to the “important role” played in the new model range modification Cross Country. This information was confirmed in a recent interview Kershemakersa when he said that in the future, fans can expect new Volvo Car Cross Country.

Cars Cross Country can be called a kind of sub-brand Volvo. In fact, it was the first to guess the Swedes add wagon clearance, install more efficient tires and protective kit, making it more passable – so at least they think so. In recent years, the same version got almost all models of Volvo, now in the model number of Swedes have a V40 Cross Country, V60 Cross Country, V70 Cross Country and even traveled sedan S60 Cross Country.

Thus, in the current version of the model number without Cross Country was only chetyrehdverki S80, except crossovers, which are by default considered road vehicles. It is worth mentioning that Volvo is working on a new generation sedan, and it has to be called S90.

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