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Test-drive Volkswagen Golf GTE

Test-drive Volkswagen Golf GTE

Test-drive Volkswagen Golf GTE

In fact, it is the first hybrid hot-hatch Volkswagen Golf GTE, the creators of which put it on par with the Icon class Golf GTI.

Commonality with the last name, as well as diesel GTD is not accidental: Hybrid Golf produces 204 peak force (engineers even whispered that in fact even more, up to 250 short-term) and gaining 100 kilometers per hour in 7.6 seconds.

Not so long ago, these figures would do honor to GTI, and now we offer a ride on the “hot” hatchback, which consumes half a liter of gasoline.

Where did half a liter Volkswagen Golf GTE?

It is no secret that the data fuel consumption – estimated and actual service attitude are very remote. The measurement procedure NEFZ considers fuel consumption in liters per kilometer, according to a formula converting harmful CO2 emissions (grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer). And those, in turn, are calculated based on how many miles the car is able to drive on electricity.

One and a half liters of fuel – so, in theory, requiresVolkswagen Golf GTE to overcome 100 kilometers

as able to drive without refueling Volkswagen Golf GTE. 50 of them – electric

This technique, in concept, reflects the typical daily cycle trips, providing a relatively short routes and constant recharging of the car from the mains. Truth in this is: if you really are driving is not a lot, and sockets are available in all destinations, while almost 50 kilometers of free reserve will cover a significant portion of the run. All honest.

Is it true he travels 50 miles on the battery Volkswagen Golf GTE?

No. But the truth is, and cannot be, the same as stated by the manufacturer and fuel consumption figures and other “ideal” value. But the fact that most of the crew during the test drive turned cover “on battery” on average 35 kilometers – this is the real reason to think and figure. Why stop off at the gas station, if you can charge on the day of the office parking lot, and at night to do it again at home or in the garage?

Test-drive Volkswagen Golf GTE

Of course, many live in high-rise buildings and parked in the yard, but there are many and cannot afford more than the Polo sedan in the long loan. Just Volkswagen Golf GTE – product special. Innovative cars by definition cannot be mass – they have their own audience. And those who want to ride the “hot” hybrid probably think of a way to connect to a wall socket.

Who and why?

Take London: when landing in any airport look out the window of the aircraft, how many out of town townhouses, duplexes, cottages and other estate. People live there year round and every day go to work its satellites the city.

Test-drive Volkswagen Golf GTE

and 150 gasoline engines give Volkswagen Golf GTE. But the cumulative installed power – “only” 204 hp

Many afford housing for 10 million are able to spend a theoretical 1.6-1.7 million on Volkswagen Golf GTE, although the usual “Golf” is worth half the price. In addition, the novelty will be correctly compared with ideologically close GTI, which sold for $ 1.3 million. Yes, still remains a difference in the 300-400 thousand, but it theoretically can already recover in a reasonable time while driving on electric. For the “full tank” of electricity will cost 28 rubles, or seven full-time and night tariff respectively. However, not only for the sake of saving one can consider buying Volkswagen Golf GTE.

Not if the Germans got excited with the name?

Despite the name, should not be taken as Volkswagen Golf GTE or even GTD (GTI with a powerful diesel engine) – it is, in fact, themselves GTI and GTD. In our case, “warm up” bonus to hybrid acts, and not vice versa. The primary is the ability to drive on electric cars and sporty character – pleasant and tuned with the image point of view parallel to it. But it is!

Being a quarter-ton heavier than the classic GTI (batteries, electric motors, wires), Volkswagen Golf GTE confidently dives into corners and decent brakes – weight, of course, is felt, but it is likely to affect extreme possibilities than driving impressions. Led Volkswagen Golf GTE quickly – nice and easy, so we call it the sportiest hybrid of the now available for mere mortals. Then follow the BMW i8, Porsche 918 Spyder, McLaren P1 and Ferrari LaFerrari. Not a bad company?

Test-drive Volkswagen Golf GTE

Robotized six-speed DSG gearbox does not bother presence in her womb motor: they get along fine. Yes gasoline and 150-strong in this company is not superfluous – all components of the power plant are working so harmoniously that in order to catch the transients need to stare at the instruments or specifically listen.

Dynamic characteristics of Volkswagen Golf GTE are determined not so much by the numbers in the specifications, how high on the lack turbo. Neither turbine will not give such an instantaneous pickup, as a fraction of a second case includes a powerful motor, its 102 “horses” – more power motor Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid. Therefore, Hybrid Golf easily justifies the letters in the name of GT, losing diesel GTD just 0.1 seconds to sprint to the first hundred.

At that Volkswagen Golf GTE is sporting even in the “green” mode of driving on pure electric, engine torque, combined with the setting of control electronics enough to hurl powerful hatchback forward without a flash in the cylinders. And let the heady acceleration motor goes out soon, but we fix one more fact: Volkswagen Golf GTE – the first mass hybrid, which is able not only to “puke” on pure electricity.

And what is the extra buttons in the cabin and how to use them?

Test-drive Volkswagen Golf GTE

At Volkswagen Golf GTE, compared to conventional “golf”, added two new buttons to the left of the lever DSG, but the modes in the hybrid hatch much more. In particular, electric, in which the car will start every time and which will be relevant until stocks run out of energy in the battery, until you press the accelerator to trigger kick-down or switch the mode manually.

For example, the mode Hybrid Auto, when the car he thinks, when, where and how much energy to spend or to stock. Like him algorithm Battery Hold, which allows you to reserve a certain amount of power in the battery and keep it constantly. Finally, there is the profile Battery Charge, which causes the system to rapidly restock electricity using gasoline engine, and the “hottest” option settings – Volkswagen Golf GTE, in which all resources are mobilized vehicle for maximum dynamics.

Test-drive Volkswagen Golf GTE

Auto works well: for the test site car so to distribute the work among the elements of the power plant, to all the towns along the way to pass without toxic exhalations. Average fuel consumption, recorded over 120 urban and mountain autobahn kilometers roughly equal proportions, turned out at 4.7 liters of fuel per “hundred”. Charged initially two thirds battery electric gave 20 kilometers, and in the mountains, we do not hesitate to check the athletic ability hatch, so this mode can be called close to the typical conditions. Once again, four and seven! In the combined cycle. It’s really cool.

Where the majority of “Volkswagen” is sport transmission S, in a hybrid course – a special algorithm B. This activation of regenerative braking when the accelerator is released resulting in the most effective energy storage by the electric motor. At this point, it appears the generator, and the process is accompanied by the active deceleration of the vehicle. However, still not active enough to completely abandon the brake pedal as it can be done on the BMW i3, for example. When the selector is in the DSG usual position D, the Volkswagen Golf GTE in a similar situation overrun and did not specifically stores.

Exactly 3 hours and 45 minutes is required for charging the battery from a household outlet. Using a special charger Wallbox shortens to 2 hours 15 minutes.

Test-drive Volkswagen Golf GTE

And even after the purchase Volkswagen Golf GTE you no longer have to stare at the screen of his instagram vintage iPhone 5S, to enter someone’s ass – this car offers better entertainment.

Switch the display in the center tidy display mode instantaneous flow of electricity and fuel – and a complete distraction from the road you provided. Captures: how to press the brake pedal to recover as much energy? And what is the maximum instantaneous flow? And what gives recovery in the transmission mode B? There still appears instantaneous flow of gasoline, so these two parameters in conjunction with a bunch of modes of the vehicle make learning occurring in the hybrid system processes fascinating and almost endless task. The main thing – do not forget to gaze at the road.

How is a Volkswagen Golf GTE?

What are the prospects for the “hot” hybrid Volkswagen Golf GTE?

In Germany Volkswagen Golf GTE already sold at a price of 36,900 euros. Practically the most expensive “Golf” – fifteen hundred euros more expensive it only Golf R, which in Russia is from 1.72 million rubles. If you get. So far, the representation of the brand is ready to bring this car to assess the reaction of the potential audience and the study of the demand, but before certification and the start of sales is still far. However, there is a chance, and we hope that the “Golf” nameplate Volkswagen Golf GTE still lucky.

And in the meantime Volkswagen Golf GTE …

Test-drive Volkswagen Golf GTE

Engineers of China announce their new hybrid BYD Qin with such characteristics that are still only dreaming all other plug-in hybrids.

Sedan Volkswagen Golf GTE is equipped with a length of 4.74 meter power plant with total capacity of 295 forces. In this half power gives polutoralitrovye turbo, and the other half – the electric motor. As transmission declared “robot” with two clutches. Fuel consumption – 1.6 liters and running on pure electricity – up to 70 kilometers. Do not believe me?

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