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Opel launched a new turbo-diesel

Opel launched a new turbo-diesel

Opel launched a new turbo-diesel

At the plant in Kaiserslautern, Germany started production of the 2.0-liter turbo-diesel Opel new generation.

Opel has started production of a new generation of turbo engines. The two-liter power unit has an output of 170hp and its maximum torque is 400 Nm. In early October, the motor presented at the Paris Motor Show. First to get new turbo-diesel Opel Insignia and Zafira Tourer.

The new 2.0 CDTI turbo-diesel is “selective” catalytic converter, exhaust gas recirculation, diesel particulate filter, and even urea injection AdBlue, which neutralizes the nitrogen oxides. As a result, the engine meets the Euro 6 environmental standards.

The engine has a cast iron block and aluminum cylinder head, lightweight composite oil pan, liquid-cooled turbocharger and variable geometry, as well as the power supply system with a working pressure up to 2000 bar rail and injectors, the fuel injection up to 10 times per cycle.

Opel launched a new turbo-diesel

The new unit became quieter and less than its current 163-strong counterpart. Two advanced balancer shaft is quenched to 83% of the inertial forces of the second order. Upgraded drive shaft, timing, and improved soundproofing intake manifold.

Plant in Kaiserslautern is the central enterprise company specializing in the production of engines, components, body and chassis. He has a long tradition in the construction of motors. Since 1980, there have been produced more than 9 million engines. Diesel engines are now available since 1982, and in 1996 there were built another workshop, which will significantly increase the volume of their output.

Manual Opel has announced plans to increase investment in the production of engines and transmissions of the new generation at the plant in Kaiserslautern and other enterprises of the company.

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