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Trainees draw for Seat gorgeous roadster

Trainees draw for Seat gorgeous roadster

Trainees draw for Seat gorgeous roadster

Automotive designers have always enjoyed the opportunity to demonstrate that what may be their fancy cars. Why are virutalnye prototypes Vision Gran Turismo from various car brands – bold forms and shapes, aggressive exterior design, huge spoilers and rims. It is evident that these concepts designers have found a real outlet – still, they do not have to try to adjust to the actual standards atvoindustrii.

Entry David Cava of Seat also decided to dream up and come up with what might look like a sports roadster from the Spanish brand. David believes that he could be a worthy rival of the legendary Mazda MX-5 Miata. According to him, the car has character, and it can be great fun driving.

Seat Roadster from David – two-seater convertible with the original grille, unusual windshield with a “cut” at the top, huge wheels and expressive diffuser in the rear of the car. Also, it features trapezoidal exhaust pipe, and the elements of the exterior of carbon fiber. On the door you will notice a deep relief.

Technical filling, according to the David, consists of a hybrid power plant. It runs on gasoline-powered 1.4-liter TSI with more than 200hp and the electric motor, the total capacity of the plant is 240l.s. The car weighs 960 pounds, so one has to horsepower 4 kilograms of weight. Ideal weight distribution – 50:50.

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