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Toyota offers assess the “melody” motor new pickup

Toyota offers assess the "melody" motor new pickup

Toyota offers assess the "melody" motor new pickup

Japanese auto giant after the publication of two teasers of the new generation Tacoma pickup posted in the first video network model.

The automaker posted videotizer to everyone could enjoy the “melody” of a new power plant model “Tacoma”. Japanese motor vehicle as a whole sounds a bit louder and more bass than the 236-hp 4.0-liter unit volume, which is equipped with the current generation of machines.

Browse exterior design of the new Toyota Tacoma when watching a movie does not seem possible, but due to the previously published photographs of a pickup is known that the model will get a hexagonal grille with chrome surround a massive, ripped the hood, set high foglights and a new head optics with LED running lights. To “feed” the changes will undergo lights, bumper and cover the cargo compartment, which appears in Tacoma.

The car, which will have a more impressive off-road capabilities in comparison with its predecessor, the new engine will be equipped and upgraded transmissions. Characteristics of the engine are kept secret, but we know that it will meet environmental standards “Euro 6”.

Toyota offers assess the "melody" motor new pickup

World premiere of Toyota Tacoma on January 12 at the international motor show in Detroit. On the same day in the Motor City and represent a new generation of pickup Nissan Titan. Price models “Toyota” and “Nissan” is not currently specified. Both cars will be available in the United States closer to spring 2015.

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