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Toyota allowed to freely use patents hydrogen mobiles

Toyota allowed to freely use patents hydrogen mobiles

Toyota allowed to freely use patents hydrogen mobiles

Toyota has opened access to their technical know-how in the field of hydrogen mobiles for everyone automakers. The Japanese gave the nod to the free use of more than 5,000 patents, including information about the power plants, the software and the production of hydrogen.

Japanese auto giant has gone the way of the company Tesla Motors, which is also open access to its patents for electric cars in summer 2014. At the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2015 in Las Vegas, representatives of the “Toyota” reported a willingness to share their experience with everyone.

Freely available fall 5680 patents, which are somehow related to hydrogen mobiles Toyota. In particular: 1 970 patents relating to fuel cells, which are used for power generation machines 290 patents for high pressure tanks, patents 3350 and control software 70 patents related to the production and storage of hydrogen.

“We believe if good ideas to share – wonderful things can happen,” – said vice-president of Toyota Motor Sales USA, Bob Carter. “The first generation of mass-produced fuel cell vehicles, which will be issued in the period from 2015 to 2020 will be critical for the industry. The introduction of such vehicles require the concerted efforts and cooperation of the automakers, states, scientists and fuel suppliers. Eliminating the traditional corporate barriers, we can accelerate the development and introduction of new technologies and move faster to the mobile future, “- added a top manager.

According to representatives of Toyota, patents hydrogen mobiles will be available to all automakers, who intend to manufacture and sell ekomobili, as well as fuel companies who are willing to provide consumers with hydrogen that fuel. However, there is one major limitation – the free use of patents “Toyota” on the car components allowed until 2020. At the same time, patents for fuel production are open for all.

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