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Tokyo wants 6000 hydrogen cars for the Olympic Games

Tokyo wants 6000 hydrogen cars for the Olympic Games

Tokyo wants 6000 hydrogen cars for the Olympic Games

Japan is one of the largest players in the automotive industry. Throughout the country there are many automotive factories and enterprises for the production of car accessories, and you can buy many parts online. The country is also known as one of the most progressive, as evidenced by the ambitions of its capital. By 2020, when Tokyo will host the Olympic Games, the metropolis expects that he will be driving around the roads of 6000 hydrogen cars, and will be built 35 hydrogen fueling stations. To do this, the local government has allocated an amount of 385 million dollars.

Tokyo is discussing the possibility of producing 6,000 cars on fuel cells with Toyota and Honda. Both companies presented their hydrogen cars, but the model Honda FCEV in a series will be released only in March 2016 (a year later than the original plan) and sedan Toyota Mirai is ready for sales. It has already received 1,500 pre-orders, most of them from corporate clients or administrations. Toyota expected to lower the hype at first, so the Japanese had to quickly increase productivity by adding two assembly lines.

But the aim is to promote Tokyo hydrogen technology to the masses, so buyers promises considerable subsidy of 3 million yen, t. E. About 25,325 dollars, which is almost half the cost of Mirai. Incentives are provided for the construction of gas stations, covering 80% of the costs and equating the opening of the hydrogen refueling to traditional construction.

Objectives Tokyo after the Olympic Games were even more ambitious. By 2025, the streets should be already 100 000 hydrogen cars, 100 buses and 80 hydrogen fueling stations. Because of this metropolis wants to become a true leader progress.

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