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Test drive Nissan Qashqai

Test drive Nissan Qashqai

According to the laws of aerodynamics the bumble bee should not fly. However, he is flying and does not even know about it. The updated Nissan Qashqai something like a bumblebee, especially when you open all the doors. Flies he?

Almost simultaneously with the model X-Trail, Nissan updated and popular crossover Qashqai. Not just once, but also very “like” updated – so that not immediately distinguish one model from another. Especially if you put them next to each other. But I think we will gradually get used to it and learn to find differences. Notice that the Qashqai is slightly lower, he has more “littered” tailgate establishes other taillights … but what’s there, he’s really different! And actual fact, the differences are much more than it seems.
A further similarity with the previous Nissan Qashqai. A generation ago, obviously designed to compete with the Toyota RAV4, it had some similarities with the opponent, even though the designers were able to skillfully and “dissolve” the two models, giving Nissan Qashqai personality. The success was incredible, and it was necessary to update skillfully maintain this advantage, and that is called, do not overdo it with the changes. With them, and do not overdo it: the popular crossover just added modern touches. Lights, such as new, but who would have noticed it, if they do not shone spectacular “strokes” of LED daytime running lights? Many, many details have been doctored slightly, fit, retouched – and the result is, like, the objective has been achieved: to obtain the same Nissan Qashqai, only better.

Test drive Nissan Qashqai

The updated Nissan Qashqai is based on a platform of CMF, which built his “big brother» X-Trail, as well as business sedan Teana sample 2015. New Nissan Qashqai compared to the first generation model “lost” in the 90 kg, up to 47 mm in length and 20 mm in width, but the height of the vehicle decreased by 15 mm. This ceiling, according to the manufacturer, became higher by 10 mm. However, behind the wheel of the landing did not feel.

Only here to repeat the same success so far failed. Very popular in the past, “Nomad”, sold for a conveyor history of “circulation” of two million (!!) instances today is not one of the ten best-selling models, while his “brother» X-Trail is breaking all records sales. What is the reason? Try to understand. Only preliminary, we note that in Europe, Nissan Qashqai, conversely, great, “he added,” he is not only present in the top ten (though in eighth place), but it is the only crossover. And the number of copies sold behind the leader (what, of course, is a Volkswagen Golf) only some 50 per cent.

Thus, the updated X-Trail have “fired” and Nissan Qashqai reason not (let’s hope that yet). Maybe it’s the internal differences? No, here the similarities in the two models even more! Absolutely the same panel with characteristic organized the instruments and controls, as well as shiny on the general background matte plastic inserts color lacquer grand piano. Oh, I fell in love with the same automakers that color. Ostensibly, these inserts “enliven” the interiors, give them more glamor (as we remember, the word translates as “brilliance”, “gloss”). And yet – they really “revitalize”: previous Nissan Qashqai interior looked a bit rustic and “gray.” Now, all the details inside the black, and he literally began to look more modern and noble. The same as the “older brother» X-Trail, which should, in theory, to delight potential owners. After all, in fact, they are getting this luxury for less.

Test drive Nissan Qashqai
… However, money is hardly less. Prices soared Nissan Qashqai is very impressive and slightly behind the “older” models (cite them at the end of the material). And in this, I think, the reason for the backlog “Kashkai” at the start proazh. Downright it begins to seem that marketers have tried this way to heat up interest in the “X-Trail”, luring buyers of the “Kashkai.” See and pay relatively little, you get so much more spacious and prestigious car. Previously, between the two models it was a significant difference: Nissan Qashqai looked more “urban” and choosing the X-Trail, the buyer “in the appendage” received image of the conqueror of nature lovers and off-road. Now a little external differences.

Indeed, Nissan Qashqai slightly inferior “X-Trail” in size and significantly – the internal space. The similarity of interiors is confusing: initially it seems that in both cars the same amount of “air”. But it is worth a little “prisidetsya” in Nissan Qashqai, as you begin to feel: here already. Less space, especially in height. From the driver’s seat cushion up to the ceiling, I intend to 92 cm (if the seat is installed in the lower position). Moreover, a couple of centimeters adds a panoramic roof. Of course, the top does not touch the ceiling, but it is not far. Especially in my case, I like to set back the driver’s seat almost vertically. So, when “my” landing even drop the sunshield uncomfortable, he touches my nose. You have to lean back.

Test drive Nissan Qashqai

Behind the vertical distance is even smaller: 90 cm. But the proximity of the ceiling is not felt, because essentially tilted back and is not regulated. Pillow is located on the same height as the front seats, “amphitheater”, both in the cabin X-trail, there is no, and there is no place to hold it. The surface of the cushion is flat, the place for the “fifth point” passengers are not molded. Tunnel sex acts, but low. Despite this, the three rear passengers will be cramped. It is better placed here together.
When planting me away from the back of the front seat to the back of the sofa pillows very small: 25 cm (the new “X-Trail” is 34 cm). However, if the front passenger seat of the set cooler bag, it will not distress him fit: front legroom abound.

Parts of the back of a back of the sofa can be folded – easily, conveniently, and received a flat floor. In this 430-liter trunk will grow in volume almost quadrupled to 1585 liters, in addition, the vehicle will be fit dlinnomery to 166 cm. With a five-seater passenger accommodation in the Nissan Qashqai the length of the trunk on the floor 84 cm, the maximum diagonal of 140 cm . Height 38 cm under the curtain. Cooler bag is placed, but no place to plug it: no 12 volt outlet under the raised floor – a full-size spare tire, set up a notch. This will slightly increase the load compartment. Around it are arranged foam inserts that just wanted to get to increase the useful volume, but – it is impossible: they supported the raised floor.

Although the new version of the trunk of the car has grown from the previous approximately 20 liters, and the fifth door is raised 15 cm above, frankly, cargo, even household, garden and travel, to Nissan Qashqai do not you want to do. This car – to travel light, as a hatchback Tiida. The latter, as shown by our recent test, despite the makings of a typical “citizen,” proved himself an excellent “stayers”. Maybe Nissan Qashqai will be the same?

The new Nissan Qashqai is available with two engine choices. Motor initial set – 1.2-liter gasoline turbo developing 115 hp. with. The two-liter petrol unit – the atmosphere, its capacity of 144 liters. with. Perhaps in time to us “come” version with a 1.6-liter diesel engine capacity of 130 liters. with. It is noteworthy that all-wheel drive transmission is available only in two-liter cars. If the diesel version is still “coming”, it will also have a four-wheel drive.

Test drive Nissan Qashqai

Diesel engine cylinder capacity of 1.6 liters develops maximum torque of 320 Nm at 1750 r / min. This engine remained in the range of Nissan Qashqai  unchanged. The diesel version of the first generation is not supplied, the European countries in this regard was more fortunate. 115-hp gasoline turbo engine is installed instead of the previous 1.6-liter 117-strong “aspirated”, while the two-liter petrol engine gained a little power, he developed the first 141 liters. with.

Three additional “horses” in nissanovskoy “harness” improved acceleration two-liter version with a variator to 100 km / h in a 0.2 s (up to 10.5). Or maybe not improved at all, just say “relief” of the new car. It is noteworthy that the passport measure acceleration to “hundreds” have turbo 115-strong version – with 10.9, not too far behind it in terms of the dynamics of the two-liter atmospheric. Both the motor still bring a 1.6-liter 117-strong unit mere pennies: with him,Nissan Qashqai first generation typed “hundred” in 13 seconds.

Bumblebee! The real bee! In its previous form, familiar to us from the test in 2012, he is, shall we say, not flown. Now – flies, but, frankly, not “reactive”. Urban acceleration given to him is not easy, from 60 to 80 km / h in 5.6 seconds – a bit too much. “Flyers” in the same class overcome this interval is twice as fast. Maybe it’s a new ideology of “Nissan”, encourages owners of modern models of the company for reasonable acceleration and as a result, to behave safely on the road? Precious fractions of a second, or “get stuck” in oil CVT Xtronic?

As it became known, the variator Nissan Qashqai survived the second in a row update. The first occurred in 2012, after it became the unit more compact and lighter, also have been reduced by a third loss on the internal friction. Now, supposedly, most engineers set out to “bring together” feeling of the driver from the use of a CVT and traditional “automatic” torque converter. We wanted to achieve a smooth but noticeable shift virtual “stages” – and reach. Indeed, somewhere at the level of the third and fourth, and maybe, fourth and fifth “steps” (at speeds of 40-50 km / h) felt as if the device can not determine which transmission to choose … The driver feels an off twitching and how to smooth rocking the car. Now he is accelerating a little, then, like, a little bit slowed down … It should gain or lose speed, as the smoothness of motion back. During hard acceleration on such behavior is no hint.

Here we should note two points. The first is that the test I got a brand new, barely break in the car – with a total mileage of about 700 kilometers. Perhaps gear selection mechanism is not yet fully pritersya, details are not yet fully earned extra to each other. Although, of course, in the modern model of this it should not be. And the second – the car is now equipped with a special system that increases the efficiency of engine braking. Well, I can confirm that in those circumstances, when necessary, the system works. Apparently, in some places it just slightly overdo it.

A new brakes Nissan Qashqai quite a good idea. Even loaded. Disc brakes “in a circle” provide not excessively sharp but not sluggish slowing down – just like what you expect. On loose surfaces (slippery to me in the summer are not met) ABS in no hurry to chirp, and can withstand a short pause, as if to certify as to whether the wheels are locked and slid. And at the right moment it comes into effect.

The premiere of the first Nissan Qashqai was held in the autumn of 2006 in Paris. Two years later I saw the light on 211 mm extended version “2”, which had the third-row seats (the new Nissan Qashqai of such an option would not be). At the end of 2009 slightly changed the appearance of the model, especially the front. The interior has a new front fascia and instrument cluster. The units remain the same. Today, Nissan Qashqai first generation – the leader on the proposals among the used SUVs. The average price of cars offered by this model – 570 000 rubles.
After a couple of hours in traffic crush notice ease the driver’s seat. The back is not tired, “fifth point”, too. Adjustments (in the “upper” are the vehicle electrical) optimal, there are changes in the lumbar support lever (it is better to put forward the most backwater). Noticeably felt rollers lateral support. It should be noted feature cupholders located in the lining of the central tunnel between the front seats: here you can send the cool air from the air conditioner, and beverage containers will be cooled. Places on the front wall of the tunnel abound, as the “hammer” was reduced to the size of a small button and “moved” under the center console. The device is equipped with an electronic “stuffing”, but retained the manual operation: turn on and off it must be the driver.

Test drive Nissan Qashqai

Suspension of the first Nissan Qashqai differed noticeable stiffness. Rear passengers great shakes when traveling “speed bumps.” At the same time during sudden maneuvers felt unwanted rolls. Updated Nissan Qashqai heel less possible, including by reducing the clearance of 20 mm, but not least thanks to the design and chassis settings, similar to the perfectly controlled models Infiniti. Schemes suspension remained the same: the front pillar “McPherson” (with twin-piston shock absorbers have an additional channel for the passage of fluid damping of high frequency oscillations on a relatively flat road), rear – mnogoryichazhka, like front- and all-wheel drive versions. There are indications that the front wheels of the new Nissan Qashqai received an increased castor (longitudinal angle of inclination of the axis of rotation), which contributes to higher ESP. However, what “cooler” Castor, the harder it is to turn the wheel … but the application is the electric power steering to cope with the increased workload.

Generally, electric power vigilantly monitors the speed of the car, and as the increase of its effort on the steering wheel increases. Some journalists who tested the updated Nissan Qashqai, noted that this increase of effort occurs abruptly with a “step.” Who would have showed me this “step”, I myself, no matter how much tschilis, it has not felt never though to accelerate and slow down for a thousand test kilometers I had no account. The force increases until nicely calibrated (before steering was heavy). It may be noted and the accuracy of the mechanism, and its “sharpness” to feel even three turns steering from lock to lock. The car approached the status of “urban prankster,” What is, in fact, he should be.

Why only approached? Well, firstly, not too easily “pranks” to the crossover with far better dynamics. And the visibility is poor. The side windows are small, on the back and say no. And when you look forward driver sees primarily a huge wavy hood. What is there, in front and behind him? So I want to raise the seat to look a little further, but it is impossible: very close to the top of the head – solid ceiling.

The first generation of the model at the end of their conveying “life” had a system circular view four cameras located front grille in the side mirrors, as well as above the rear license plate: Granted on the screen multimedia system small, but useful image, relatively realistic reflective space around the car. By this system, we had some claims, and yet maneuver, looking at these pictures, it was much easier than if they were absent altogether.

The system “migrated” to the new “Nomad”, and paintings in the genre of capitalist realism shone brighter here. Screen multimedia system has increased in size from 5.8 to 7 inches diagonally. Doubt your skills to maneuver in tight parking lots and traffic jams? It seems that the car is not scheduled to take place in the “gap” in size? Just press the button with the image of the camera to get a picture on the screen. You can control the front end can be – sides and body thresholds. However, the system and have fun feature: in particularly difficult situations, it includes front parking sensors and the image disappears from the cameras. However, it is also a good help to the driver or voditelnitsy.

And in the “upper” complete updated Nissan Qashqai now has an automatic parking system. I have no doubt that it works correctly, I just frankly, did not deal with it. Maybe that’s why I have it, there were two incidents. In one case, a given team to park perpendicular to the curb the car for some reason … parked in parallel. I can not say he did it masterfully (enough space). But passers-by were surprised: it was necessary to take one machine just three parking cell. Calm down, the citizens, it is not rudeness, but merely an experiment.

In another case, the car took the right team to park perpendicular and figured space. At one time fit into the space between the cars he could not, and he asked me to move forward. But then the front wheels ran into a curb, and there was stalemate: forward car can not go, and when reversing avtoparkovschik disabled.