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Test drive – Legendary SUV Nissan Patrol 2015

Test drive - Legendary SUV Nissan Patrol

Test drive - Legendary SUV Nissan Patrol

Legendary SUV Nissan Patrol, a history spanning 64 years, a new generation of Y62, appeared in 2010, significantly change the image. In 2014, interest in the model, the manufacturer has decided to revive with the help of a planned restyling.

Updated Nissan Patrol Y62 from dorestaylingovoy model differs slightly: it just changed the front bumper, grille, optics and wheel design.

I note that my Nissan Patrol is very close, because I am the owner of a car last generation Patrol Y61. Perhaps the new generation is not the most successful in the history of the model, in some countries, the demand for it is small, so the manufacturer continued to produce and sell its predecessor – Patrol Y61. For example, in Australia, in the salons of the brand are available both generations Patrol with the difference in the cost of about 30 thousand. Dollars. Naturally, the predecessor cheaper. But oil countries like the Middle East, the new model has more in demand. In Ukraine, since the advent of Patrol Y62 sales fell. How Come? Nissan has decided to move away from the image of the “rogue” and step into a new segment – the luxury SUV.

Test drive - Legendary SUV Nissan Patrol

An act worthy of respect, because to get a car, of course, consistent with the plan. But there is one “but” – the owners and fans of the previous generation. They are accustomed to decades of more or less affordable cost, flexibility, choice of bodies, engines and transmissions. In the new car we have nothing. But there is incredible for “Patrol” comfort, modern technology and even more space. That only is security Safety Shield! It has an assistant and Distance Control Assist (DCA), which controls the distance DCA, and it works regardless of the state of the road. On some vehicles, the concern on the uneven pavement DCA could be switched off during braking. The system monitors and the presence of obstacles when reversing, and when he discovers that she stops the car.

Strengths Nissan Patrol 2015

Test drive - Legendary SUV Nissan Patrol

The cabin is also not a lot of updates. This wood insert in the steering wheel and two-stage heating of the second row of seats.

But note trumps new Patrol in comparison with the previous generation. So, one of the reasons why the tall drivers preferred the Toyota Land Cruiser, was the lack of headroom in the “Patrol”. In this Patrol Y62 more places in any of the seats. Back of the backrest adjustable angle. Much more successful is the third row – in the new car he hides in the floor, whereas in the past generation chairs hung on the sides of the trunk.

Test drive - Legendary SUV Nissan Patrol

This year alone, at the Detroit Auto Show, Nissan introduced the Titan pickup with a 5-liter turbodiesel capacity of 310 Cummins power with torque 753 Nm. This is exactly what you need for heavy Patrol. There is no information, will offer such a motor for this generation of the legendary off-road or not. With petrol engines easier. Nissan sells in the US above Titan and Armada SUV with petrol V8 in volume of 5.6 liters. It is this unit of 405 hp and prescribed under the hood of the new “Patrol”. It provides a huge SUV delicious dynamics – 6.6 seconds to 100 km / h and higher top speed – 210 km / h. Less – high fuel consumption and a small reserve. During the test with a very neat and economical driving he was about 20 liters per 100 km, with the active drive – 24-25 liters. A 100-liter tank ended after 410 km. Outside the city, my absolute minimum – 12.1 liters per hundred, but it is when driving on flat highway at speeds up to 80 km / h and very gentle handling of gas.

Test drive - Legendary SUV Nissan Patrol

5.6-liter naturally aspirated V8 petrol engine produces 405 hp and an impressive torque of 560 Nm. With him almost three-ton frame SUV shoots up to the first 100 km / h in 6.6 seconds.

A significant advantage of the new Patrol is the maximum weight of a towed trailer. If his predecessor could haul a trailer equipped with brakes, full weight up to 2500 kg, the new “patrol” on a ton more! Therefore, if you own a yacht or boat, Patrol Y62 will get you a good helper.

Independent suspension geometry improved patency. For cars available and tuning components.

Test drive - Legendary SUV Nissan Patrol

One of the benefits Patrol – long-travel suspension, so catch this SUV on the diagonal display is not so easy.

Another style

New Patrol turned radically different, but not much lost its off-road capability, becoming the much safer, more powerful and more comfortable. He is unmoved in relation to road imperfections and his great respect for motorists.

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