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Test-drive Mazda CX-5: View to a million

Test-drive Mazda CX-5: View to a million

It is Mazda CX-5 has become the brand new qualitative stage of development, because it debuted SkyActiv technology and new brand philosophy KODO, which notes can be seen in the design of today’s “triples” and “sixes”.

The planned restyling should further strengthen the position of the popular crossover, as it affected many of his aspects. Let’s start with the exterior. The radiator grille instead of typical cells now divided by horizontal bars. The second difference – cornering repeaters in the exterior mirrors. In addition, the machine is available for a fresh palette of exterior colors and wheels of the updated design. More innovations can be found in the top of the range Premium – it is equipped with adaptive LED headlamps, foglights and rear LED-lights.

Inside the improvements are not many, but they are much more powerful. For example, now all Mazda CX-5 equipped with electric parking brake. This is not only convenient when parked – you can forget about handbrake in principle. In addition, the compact unit will significantly increase the volume of a niche under the armrest. There was also a small cell near the cupholders.

Test-drive Mazda CX-5: View to a million

Connectors for vehicles became more: a slot for SD-cards, USB-two sockets for the media player and AUX

Updates touched and seats that are finalized in respect of ergonomics. Behind the increased length of the cushion

Another important difference from dorestaylingovoy machines – a 7-inch TFT-display and multimedia complex MZD Connect, which is equipped with almost all Mazda CX-5 (except the base monoprivodnom version with petrol engine). However, from a complete set of equipment for different multimedia content. For example, only in maximum equipping Premium has a rearview camera. Navigation is found only in the top version of the CX-5 gasoline engine with 2.5 liters.

Mazda CX-5 at the dawn of its existence, has shown excellent results in crash tests EuroNCAP, to score the maximum five stars and 94% for the protection of adults. It’s nice that you care about security, the Japanese did not make a difference in trim. Even the basic version is equipped with a full package of airbags, ESP and many others. Moreover, after the renovation has become wider package of active safety – it now includes the system, reducing the risk of collisions. Among the new products – the system, signaling the approach of passing cars behind, braking and safety systems in the city. For example, at low speeds, finding an obstacle in the way, the Mazda CX-5 uses the emergency braking.
The main changes affected the central part of the interior dash. In addition, for the Mazda CX-5 includes new upholstery materials and colors. The car became bulkier podbutylniki the door and the box under the armrest

After the upgrade, all Mazda CX-5 equipped with an electric parking brake with automatic mode. “Automatic” in the 2.5-liter petrol Mazda CX-5 has got a sports mode

As for the “hardware”, the restyled Mazda CX-5 received a modified suspension, insulation and trasmissiyu. On the part of the new products we were able to meet during the test Mazda CX-5 with a 2.2 liter turbo diesel engine. The exception was an updated “machine”, which now has a mode Sport. Why the exception? Such AKP put only the 2.5-liter petrol Mazda CX-5.

Test-drive Mazda CX-5: View to a million

But really came insulation to a new level. According to the manufacturer, at high speed, the noise is reduced by 13%, and it shows. In the car, even though the diesel engine, very quiet.
After updating the Mazda CX-5 began to look respectable and prestigious. Also recently released Japanese millionth copy of its best-selling

Suspension with new shock absorbers and silent blocks of front levers added notes of sports in handling crossover. In tests Mazda CX-5, we noted that in extreme situations, the body roll was great. The updated Mazda CX-5 is much more reliable in cornering, noticeably less body roll. But on comfort is not affected. Running perfectly digesting our roads, only to noise can sometimes progress to rebound.
The new LED optics looks expressive and aggressive. On it can be found in the Mazda CX-5 crossover restyled in expensive complete
Transformation of the trunk is very easy: you can fold the backrest from both the trunk and out of the cabin

Test-drive Mazda CX-5: View to a million
Turbo Mazda CX-5 is not the most powerful in the segment of compact crossovers (175 hp), but one of the most high-torque (420 Nm)

Even before the upgrade Mazda CX-5 ahead of the nearest competitor in the comparative tests, and after the restyling of its position became even stronger. No wonder that in May 2015, this model was the best-selling crossover in Ukraine ahead and budget, and more expensive competitors.

Update gives the appearance Mazda CX-5 freshness, she became more comfortable, safer and more technologically advanced. Yes, debutante rose slightly in price, but the increase was about 6%, and this difference is worth it. After all, the car looks more of their money today!

Summary Mazda CX-5

Body and Comfort

Bright and modern design. Spacious lounge with comfortable seating and a variety of options for transformation. The expensive versions Mazda CX-5 is equipped with an excellent sound system Bose. Plenty of melochovki. High-quality insulation.

There is still no automatic locking doors, or at least a separate convenient lock button in the cabin.

Test-drive Mazda CX-5: View to a million

Powertrain and dynamics

Motor traction and very elastic, vigorous acceleration for quite a bit to push the gas pedal. Energy-intensive suspension. Good handling.
Fuel consumption is not much less than the base gasoline version. In the diesel version is not the mechanical transmission.

Finance and Equipment

The car has received the security system, is more common in the premium class.

For diesel Mazda CX-5 is not available a number of important systems and options that can be found only in cars with petrol engine of 2.5 liters.