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Test drive – 2015 Renault Clio RS

Test drive - 2015 Renault Clio RS Report 2

Celebration continues. Now, with the cup!

The joke was over. So I thought, giving the key card from dark red Renault and in return the same piece of plastic from the yellow Renault. Monthly test Clio RS, held under the slogan “We are for a cool sound!”, Came to an end. Yellow Renault – a version of Clio RS Cup, which means that now all seriously. His older brother, Megane RS Cup, has already visited us in the garage , and it is one of the brightest memories of my automotive life. As he turned (thanks to self-locking differential) as brakes, obeying tough but informative pedal! And he was also yellow, remember?

However, yellow can be normal and Clio RS Cup And easily recognizable by the black disk of an inch higher dimension.

Test drive - 2015 Renault Clio RS Report 2

They are exotic tire dimension 205/40 R18 – with the purchase of summer tires will be no problems, but in the winter little choice. Another Cup – it’s stiffer suspension and … and, in fact, everything. Locking still “simulation-e” in the settings of the motor and the robot no changes, and the only difference between “cup” brakes – red calipers. In short jokes, as it turned out, did not end there …

Test drive - 2015 Renault Clio RS Report 2

  1. Control on the steering column requires habits, but generally comfortable
  1. Icons are large, but the access to the main functions too multipass
  1. Fabric upholstery looks and fun, and keeps better

Still, the package Cup I recommend to all who dare to buy Clio RS Losses in driving comfort with it small (it there is not any much) in cornering machine is still willing to go into a skid under discharge of gas, but on direct yellow Renault stable. And in the pits felt that the stock of energy intensity in “cup” Suspension higher. And the package is worth Cup inexpensive, even now, in the crisis – 35 000 rubles. Still I would not regret 12,500 rubles for the camera, and would have refused leather (for free!) In favor of the upholstery fabric. And it is not because I am an animal lover.


  • Cups suspension, a gift that is more rigid, more suitable for our roads
  • Clio RS cute. And in yellow – and at the handsome


  • Rare tire dimensions can transform a banal puncture a big problem
  • Motor Clio RS Cup with the same settings raised almost consumption per liter. Accident?

Test drive - 2015 Renault Clio RS Report 2

But in fact, the problem of choice is more difficult, because with these options Clio RS becomes more expensive than the base Megane RS! Of course, it also lacks the sweet buns – the same package with samoblokom Cup. On Megane it is more expensive, but it’s worth it! Plus monitor Renault Sport, the motor turns into a wild beast, plus sports buckets … But still get no more fatal Clio RS What can answer the younger brother? Only the robot, a pair of rear doors and a lower road tax …

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