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Test Drive: 2015 Lexus NX

Test Drive: 2015 Lexus NX

My dad somehow invented recovery. By this time she was once invented, but he did not know. Therefore invented it again. Conducted research, wrote a scientific paper with charts, integrals and logarithms and sent to the magazine about the recovery. There are also about recovery still did not know anything, so the article was accepted. I decided to surprise ancestor and drove up to the house on otchemu Lexus NX. Come on, I say, wait outside, and I’ll be there for you so. Can you hear the sound of the engine? It is not! Now Get in, go to accelerate. Look at the diagram on the monitor (monitor, by the way, so-so) we overclock using two motors and all-wheel drive. And now I brake, and the braking energy is stored in batteries. Recovery!

Father was cool. Said that Lexus, of course, well done work. Wheelbarrow is necessary. Shop heaven, materials chic clearance sane, looks proud. But the recovery is not the same. It was he who came up with a much more efficient way to store energy. So I dropped it and went on alone.

NX good. Very nice rides in all great. Also artificial sound. Synthetic itching simpozera created the best minds in the frenzy of people. Of course, he does not turn off – it can only drown out the music, which could also sing and posochnee. On the other hand, Lexus is very solid. 197 hybrid forces enough for a very dynamic driving, the suspension is leksusovski free, but clear enough to not be afraid of speed. Yes, and prices for NX at the time of this writing starts from one and a half million rubles, so he simply had to press the market. I think that the BMW X4 will have to pump up the press, not to hand over positions. And think about recovery.

Hard boiled egg – breakfast for sniveller: I accept bank immediately steroids G17. Such a small silver jar. And I was rushing to her all day, as if I was born with the prefix “super”. I’m cool. Bitsuhi seen? And this powerful chin? And these cuts under the eyes? That’s right. I did not have long to cheat, I start from a light finger butting. Do not tread on me, in me so much strength that I get mad soon! That’s right away! In me all bubbles and lights. Someday I’m going to explode, I guess. I am very cool.

What have you got there? What are you fotkat me? And, iPhone. Lou-in-zer, haha. Look here! Here’s an 8-inch screen with four cameras. Immediately removes all around. Music, however, is not Bach, Bach but why should I? I myself sing! More precisely, moan so much that chills to the bone.

And you touch my skin? No, you touch it! Class, huh? So what that the black: I am a true Aryan! Chin remember? Say, a Japanese passport? Give me your passport and forget it! You do one – the driver? The driver now no one at all! Sidi, rudders, and see what I can do.

Test Drive: 2015 Lexus NX

I Lexus NX, almost supercar. No, I’m better! I’m the type of SUV. I also trendy – I hybrid. Look, even switcher is: “eco-standards-Sport” and “Sport +”. What the difference is small, and the mode “eco” is generally not for us? But it is fashionable. I megakrut.

And you, that in me you sit, just perfect servant of my ego. Accessory with hands and feet, which is allowed to crush my chair his ass. Well, there has to someone to open the door for me and prepare breakfast. Yes, yes, the same jar of steroids in the battery. Well, more gasoline. 60 liters so a week: I have a good appetite if “sport +” do not disconnect. Well, someone out there is willing to join? Shell!

It’s a shame, but I have not tasted. During the three-hour then. Terrible, terrible, painful feeling. If came out of an expensive restaurant, did not really enjoy the taste of dishes. All watched, smarm, and stayed hungry. In general, made the worst mistake for the consumer: to go into detail, instead of simply is.

A little more, and plague NX zazhuet polstolitsy. Here it is, clear, sharp, almost the same as a concept. It will go and buy, showing off and enjoying the boardwalk. Stroke smooth, plump steering wheel, bow fashion.

By itself, Hybrid even steeper – because here complements ICE electricity by all the canons of Japanese cuisine. Conclusions shemku the display and see what they do and gasoline motors “turbo”: who what and where rotates. Like informative and visually. But with a caveat: if you do not listen to the sensations.

Test Drive: 2015 Lexus NX

Tachometer needle at zero, with a traffic light, I roll out on electric. Noise take nowhere, but quiet cabin fills rokotok engine. Artificial, non-existent, submitted through simpozer. In the Sport Lexus voiced motor, even when he sleeps!

Synthetics tasteless, and I add gas, pushing the pistons. Another thing – now in the hands of the forces of 197, can be accelerated. But again, this acoustic falshak: go cheerfully and sound like nenaturalnenko again.

In enforcing mode EV system broadcasts that net elektroezda will last until the battery sits. Ten seconds of silence. In the end, it all ends preset by default, which from me as part of the pilot, the machine does not require almost nothing.

Honestly, without the intricacies of hybrid NX hardly seem less interesting. But the more tangible and understandable – that being said, know Daut.

“Stirlitz walked through the night Berlin. Nothing betrayed a Soviet spy, neither trailing behind a parachute, no dangling between his legs Mauser or the Order of the Red Star on his chest “…

Test Drive: 2015 Lexus NX

Lexus NX 300h goes through Moscow at night, and nothing gives it a sports car. Neither predatory squint LED headlamps, no wide 18-inch rollers or F Sport nameplates on the front wings. Because as an athlete, he is really so-so. Too heavy – with all its motors and batteries accumulates almost 1800 kg. The passport had 197 horses, but to give them all his force, and not old Muller with his office. He also has the legend adaptive dampers: roll with them certainly smaller and more responsive steering. But the exercise “Rotate” performs “on chetverochku.” In short, the label “F Sport” badge adorns the NX-like “For conscientious work in the consumers’ …

This medal – plate Hybrid. In my opinion, this is the best hybrid Lexus! From sedans with blue emblem still want more liveliness. In the hybrid RX certain detachment from the management process already confuses me because of its weight and size – at our some crazy moves. A NX – the very middle. Compact, but with a spacious and comfortable interior. It is easy to fit into the 10 L / 100 km on the Moscow ring, prospects, and traffic jams.

Test Drive: 2015 Lexus NX

There is not incite field, no annoying impressively. And this is the first Lexus, which to me is pleasant even in the Eco! Another would be the noise from the road a little smaller (it will charge for winter tires) so the music better – and can be awarded a medal “ideal car for the route home-work-home”. Joy for tired journalists and scouts. Remember? “Shtirlits ran alongside and pretended that walks” …

January 1989 divided the history of the car into two parts – before and after the debut of Lexus. Almost adventurous operation to force Americans to purchase expensive Japanese cars is not only a success, but also changed the idea of how the car is supposed to be a class “lux”.

Test Drive: 2015 Lexus NX

The first Lexus – Executive sedan LS400 – did not stand out in appearance, but destroying reputable rivals inner content. Legendary V8 petrol burned out all life combination of great power characteristics, unheard quiet operation and phenomenal reliability. Smooth running drives into the paint even sellers Mercedes, Lexus and level of service has become the reference for all German brands.

A quarter-century later, however, the magic of the Japanese “premium” is no longer reeks spot.

At the peak of the historically legendary new LS400 Lexus NX looks flying saucer. Designers have seen enough mature Hollywood fiction, and a compact crossover tried body of props Star Wars. A sort of cross between a Z-95 Headhunter and Jedi fighter Delta 6! Here are just a modnyuchimi contours hiding chassis RAV4.

Test Drive: 2015 Lexus NX

Lexus leases fraternal platform is not the first time, but perhaps for the first time so much source shines out. Kosmolik NX spreading harsh, was not going too fast and quite loud. The whole powder seems, went into the design and sturdy materials and finishes, and without careful engineering polishing distinguishing Q3 from “Tiguan” and “Poppy” by Q5, decided to do. If it was the first NX Lexus in history – hardly a car chronicle would be divided into “before” and “after”.

Of course, many are willing to justify very tasty price “en-xXx.” But black ponevtornik first half of December 2014 put it into question …

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