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Tesla built the first installation quick battery replacement

Tesla built the first installation quick battery replacement

Tesla built the first installation quick battery replacement

The company Tesla starts test operation of the first installation quick to replace a dead battery in the electric Model S on charged. This system is installed on one of the branded stations Supercharger in Los Angeles and for the period of testing will be available to a limited number of car owners of the brand.

Technology is rapidly replacing the “empty” batteries Tesla Model S sedan was introduced in the summer of 2013. The machine, which requires restocking electricity, drives onto a special platform, then a mechanic fixes cars in special mounts and lifts the it. At this time, the batteries are automatically extracted and installed in their place new – charged. According to the head “Tesla” Elon Musk, the whole process takes “less than refilling the fuel tank of the machine with a conventional internal combustion engine.”

Nevertheless, the process of replacing the emergency was more prolonged than previously planned. The reason for “inhibition” was a new enhanced protection batteries Model S, which the manufacturer has started to, install on their machines after several cases of self-ignition sedans. Previously this required only 96 seconds, with enhanced battery tesla’s have to wait for about 3 minutes.

“We are confident that after the debug process and further automation, time replacement would be less than one minute, even with enhanced protection. During test operation Tesla evaluate the demand for a new paid service, compared with free charging and verify the feasibility of the introduction of new technology at the other stations Supercharger”, – noted in a press release.

Thanks to new technology, owners of electric vehicles will be able to choose between a free charging his “Tesla” Supercharger stations or fast, but to pay for services replacing batteries. The final cost of this procedure is not yet known, but the company Tesla pointed out that in any case it will be cheaper than a full tank to fill a large sedan with an internal combustion engine. Previously called a ballpark figure of 60-80 dollars.

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