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Ford withdraws half a million cars due to bag safe upper Takata

Ford withdraws half a million cars due to bag safe upper Takata

Ford withdraws half a million cars due to bag safe upper Takata

Damage to the machine can occur due to various situations. This can be an accident, and then you can expect to be compensated if you are not responsible for the accident. And maybe in the car easy to detect manufacturing defects. As a rule, in this case, automakers carry out the replacement of the defective component free of charge. In Russia, this practice is not as common, but in North America, this is followed very carefully. After a threat of airbags Takata many automakers demanded a service campaign. This and took Ford.

American brand cars announced a recall of 447,310 additional vehicles, thus extending the service to share a total of 502,489 vehicles throughout North America. This was done at the request of NHTSA – US Agency for road safety. New Review spread to model Ford Mustang 2005-2008 biennium, as well as the Ford GT 2005-200gg. There will be withdrawn more than 460,000 vehicles in the US, 27,500 – in Canada, 7500 – in Mexico and nearly 5000 outside North America. In dealerships SRT on these models will replace the pump driver airbags. Ford admitted that they know at least one incident with the trauma of a man who may be related to this defect.

Recall that a series of reviews of cars due to faulty airbags Japanese supplier Takata has been going on for several years. Due to a faulty pump, airbag literally explodes with shrapnel fragments from the internal parts flying in the cabin. Due to this problem have already been recalled millions of vehicles worldwide.

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