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Subaru renounce the use of six-cylinder engines

Subaru renounce the use of six-cylinder engines

Subaru renounce the use of six-cylinder engines

The Japanese company Subaru plans to phase out the use of large and voracious six-cylinder power units, replacing them with compact “four” with the turbine. This was told by one of the leaders of the engineering department Yoichi Hori.

Recall, currently 3.6-liter six-cylinder units are used in such models the Japanese brand as Legacy and Outback 2015 model year, and the 2.0-liter “turbo-fours” installed under the hood Subaru WRX. It turns out that the operating costs of more motor are smaller than that of the low-volume. That is why the six-cylinder engine is still installed on some models of the Japanese brand. Ultimately, however, the company can phase out the six-cylinder engines.

If you look at global statistics, we can see that many manufacturers are cutting production of large power units, preferring the use of smaller engines equipped with turbochargers or hybrid technology. During a call, Yoichi Hori noted that a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine should be powerful enough to feed the larger cars. The company Fuji Heavy Industries, which produces engines for Subaru, in the near future will create a new 2.0-liter engines that will meet all the requirements and needs.

Subaru will stop production of six-cylinder engines

In a short time in the product line will remain Subaru boxer engine models with a volume of 3.6 liters.

Subaru renounce the use of six-cylinder engines

Six-cylinder the company plans to be replaced by more compact and economical turbocharged “four”. “Our research shows that demand for models with 6-cylinder engine is reduced. For this reason, many companies are increasingly producing machines with more compact engines, which are equipped with turbocharger technology” – leads words Yoichi Hori Caradvice, deputy head of the engineering department of Subaru.

New turbo “four” of 2.0-liter can act as an independent motor, and become part of the “socket” hybrid setup. It is assumed that the first car to test the new hybrid unit will become the successor of crossover Tribeca.

According to Yoichi Hori, the company Subaru will invest in the development of diesel units with four cylinders. Because the brand is limited in finances, the Japanese cannot produce at the same time as some competitors, the model with compact diesel engines and vehicles with larger and more powerful units.

“We still cannot decide what should be our new diesel. The company is in search of new technologies to create optimal diesel engine”, – said the representative of the brand.

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