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Subaru Tribeca successor built on the chassis of Outback

Subaru Tribeca successor built on the chassis of Outback

Subaru Tribeca successor built on the chassis of Outback

In the “Subaru” prepare a large seven-seat crossover, which will replace the Subaru Tribeca, and “trolley” borrow from “Outback”.

However, in its current form does not fit the chassis, wheelbase of 2,745 mm is not suitable for production of the new seven-seater. Therefore, a platform upgrade, adding inches in length and width.

And this whole story began a year ago with the treatment of American partners and dealers of the brand to the President Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., owner of Subaru. The Americans asked the company to release a seven-seat crossover for sale in the United States. As a result, the Japanese decided, but the specific release date of new items have not been announced.

It is said that a large crossover appears to 2017, and the issue will be put on the US Company Subaru.

Production Subaru Tribeca ended in early 2014. We sold it to the 258-strong atmospheric unit volume of 3.6 liters

Subaru Tribeca builds a successor on the basis of Outback

Subaru Tribeca successor built on the chassis of Outback

The new “SUV” Japanese brand is designed to replace the crossover “Tribeca”, which was discontinued due to low sales. In 2008, the company managed to sell 10,975 copies of Tribeca, but by 2010 the sale of cars fell by nearly four times.

Yet unnamed crossover “Subaru” is built platform models Legacy and Outback. Specifically for off-road vehicle “truck” will make a little longer and wider, allowing designers to the company in the passenger compartment crossover three rows of seats, writes Motoring.

Range of engines successor Tribeca make petrol and diesel 4- and 6-cylinder engines, as well as hybrid unit. According to some sources, the hybrid installation will consist of a 2.0-liter boxer diesel engine capacity not less than 150hp immediately and three electric motors, two of which will be located on the rear axle of the machine. According to others, the car will receive a gasoline engine with turbocharging and one electric motor.

Conceptually, a new crossover will show the public the following year at the Tokyo Motor Show, and in 2017 will debut the production version of the car. Seven-seater coupe American assembly will compete with models class Mazda CX-7 and Nissan Murano. Recall that survived the spring generational change car “Nissan” was recently released on the North American market. In the US, buy crossover “Murano” anyone can for $ 29,560.

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