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Spyker company wanted to build a power planes

Spyker company wanted to build a power planes

The Court finally annulled the Netherlands on the recognition of producer Spyker sports cars bankrupt. In addition, the company was removed a temporary moratorium on the debt. “Spiker” received the support of the manufacturer of electric passenger aircraft Volta Volare and announced the resumption of activities.

«After we won a long battle with one of our lenders, we finally got out of the moratorium. We go back to the business healthy, free from debt now. In the coming weeks we will complete all the transactions with the investors, who were delayed for two months because of the trial … We can now move forward to the ambitious goals, including cooperation with the manufacturer of electric aircraft Volta Volare », – said the CEO of Spyker, Victor Müller.

Now the company, he said, “looks to a bright future” and ready “for decades” to make “sensational elegant” electric vehicles and electric aircraft. What companies besides Volta Volare, became the other partners “Spiker” not specified.

Spyker declared bankrupt in mid-December last year, as the company was unable to find financing to repay debts. Finances were found a few days after the bankruptcy, as a result of which the court annulled the decision, but at the same time imposed a moratorium on the debt.

The company Spyker Cars was founded in 1999 as a manufacturer of exclusive sports cars. Brand has released only 290 machines. Mueller said that now the roads are moving 250 “Spiker”. The last production model became C8 Aileron supercar worth 180 thousand euros.


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