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Sedan XE can be the first Jaguar vehicle assembly of China

Sedan XE can be the first Jaguar vehicle assembly of China

Sedan XE can be the first Jaguar vehicle assembly of China

The new XE – the first representative of mid-size car segment in the Jaguar model range since 2009. The sedan will go on sale next year, and so far he has not even had time to go crash safety tests. It should be noted that the children in the car should definitely be in the special seat with the necessary protection. Transport children without car seats – is prohibited by law and may result in substantial fines, not to mention the fact that children’s safety is extremely important.

But while the Jaguar XE did not come out on the market, the British decide where to collect it. In Western countries the premium sedan will come with a factory in Solihull, UK. Another production line of XE can open the factory Jaguar Land Rover in China, this Automotive News reported representatives of the brand, although later press secretary said that no concrete plans about this company does not have.

Currently in China, operates a joint venture between Jaguar Land Rover and local automaker Chery Automobiles. The plant has already launched production Range Rover Evoque, later on the conveyor must get a new Land Rover Discovery Sport. By 2016, production at the plant should make 130,000, and this may well help sedan Jaguar XE. Now it comes with a factory in India.

This year, the British company expects to sell 20,000 Jaguar cars in China, which is only one-fifth of the total sales of Jaguar Land Rover group in the country. However, representatives of the brand optimistic about the Chinese market launch XE and believe that it can radically change the numbers. By 2017, Jaguar plans to achieve global sales volume of 200 000 cars per year (from about 80,000 this year), which plans to release 3 new models and expand production capacity in Brazil and Saudi Arabia.

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