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Sebastian Vettel may be expelled from the high post in Infinini

Sebastian Vettel may be expelled from the high post in Infinini

Sebastian Vettel may be expelled from the high post in Infinini

Red Bull company no longer support four-time champion Sebastian Vettel, “Formula 1 in connection with his transfer in a Ferrari. For a similar reason may terminate the business relationship with Sebastian title sponsor of the team – the automaker Infiniti, in which Sebastian Vettel has recently become a “big shot”.

The Japanese automaker is the title sponsor of the Red Bull Racing team and having fun using her racers for promotional purposes at every opportunity. For example, a four-time champion, “Formula 1” was assigned to a position of director of performance, “Chief expert on improving cars.” At first, was released on nominal crossover F50S, then Sebastian Vettel took an active part in promoting models of Q50 and Q50 Eau Rouge. However, in connection with the transition to the Ferrari team Sebastian two automaker hardly get along together. Probably either party game Sebastian Vettel on two fronts are not satisfied, and the company will release Infiniti pilot from his “office.”

Coming care Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull team and do not necessarily would mean that the same company and must break with him partnerships. Manufacturer of energy, for example, at one time played a personal sponsor of Michael Schumacher. Which member of the team, though he was not, but that did not stop him on the bottle to drink advertise products Red Bull Energy Drink. Sebastian Vettel such cooperation is not threatened. The company Red Bull, the pro world champion with 11 years of age, to terminate the business relationship with the driver at the expiration of the current season, as the sponsors of Ferrari is already present Brazilian manufacturer of “power”. This was the top team managers “F-1” Red Bull said in an interview with Motorsport-Total.

Currently contract with Sebastian Vettel Ferrari officially confirmed. Information about where the driver will be the next year, blabbed leaders Red Bull Racing. As part of the “Scuderia” German, presumably to replace the Spaniard Fernando Alonso.

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