• Today is: Monday, December 18, 2017

Rolls-Royce Suheil reminded of the beauty of the night SKY


This year, Rolls-Royce introduced many special versions of their cars: modifications Maharaja and Waterspeed convertible Phantom, Pinnacle Travel Phantom sedan and others. By these actions, Rolls-Royce would encourage buyers to add individual features of the car and take advantage of personalization. And the British brand is really possible: according to recent data, almost every Phantom, 90% Ghost and 80% Wraith purchased with elements of personalization. Build on the success Rolls-Royce decided by a special version that has spread to the entire range of the brand.

The new modification was named Suhail – after the constellation in the southern horizon Arabia, as the inspiration for its creation were the achievements of the “father of optics” Arab scholar Ibn al-Haytham, who lived in the 10th century BC Exterior car is painted in pearl color, reminiscent of the “light of stars in the night sky.” On the back there are additional elements of decor – the star image and color bars.

The interior color scheme continues appearance. Cream leather with blue accents in the upholstery and inlays of natural wood is complemented here and there emblem with stars and constellations Suheil, particularly in the hours on the center console. The ceiling is decorated with dozens of small lights that create a sense of starry night sky above your head – this item is available in a complete set of equipment Phantom and Wraith, and stayed on the Ghost option. The cost of such vehicles Roll-Royce was not disclosed.

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