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Roadside Assistance Program for the BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce is extended to 2 years

Roadside Assistance Program for the BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce is extended to 2 years

Roadside Assistance Program for the BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce is extended to 2 years

This year the company “AWT Bavaria”, the official importer of BMW and MINI, in extends an innovative project to support its customers – Roadside Assistance up to 2 years.

The program applies to new cars BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce, and it continues to operate even after their resale owner.

Roadside Assistance offers participants a wide range of technical assistance from an operational vehicle repair on the spot before the evacuation to an authorized dealership network “AWT Bavaria” for further service. In addition, there are additional options, such as the provision of replacement car for the repair period, the organization of hotel accommodation in the event of a breakdown in another city. Moreover, the experts of the program will help the client to book a ticket on a plane or train so that he could continue his journey.

Roadside Assistance card each buyer receives BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce at the official dealer network “AWT Bavaria”.

From this point the client will be available a full range of services programs, including:

Operative repair on the spot:

In case of problems that can be solved on the spot, without the delivery of the car to the service center for the program participants Roadside Assistance leaves car breakdown. A list of ongoing work includes the replacement of the damaged wheel on the spare (if not, organized delivery to the tire or STR) to start the engine with the discharged battery, refueling and emergency opening of doors in the presence of the vehicle documents.

Evacuation and custody:

If customers Roadside Assistance program requires a serious technical assistance, they provided the service free evacuation in the next one, which is included in the official dealer network AWT Bavaria. If the client detects a desire to evacuate the vehicle in another SRT dealer network, which is located at a far distance from the site of breakage, will only need to pay the difference between the free and the distance actually traveled by the tow truck.

Roadside Assistance program operates in Ukraine, Europe (except CIS) and the European part of Russia. Therefore, customers can be confident in the success of his journey, even when thousands of miles away from home.

Additional services:

The list of additional features includes services that allow customers to Roadside Assistance, or continue your journey comfortably wait for the car repairs. Among those decisions – the taxi driver and passengers, replacement car, hotel accommodation in repair, as well as the organization of onward travel by train or plane.

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