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Renault created, perhaps the most small truck

Renault created, perhaps the most small truck

Renault created, perhaps the most small truck

More recently, Renault spoke at a conference on technical innovations in the automotive industry with new concepts of automobile engines, where, among other things, also presented and drawing “cargo” Renault Twizy. Now this idea has found its actual embodiment, as shown in the picture, which was published in the Renault Twitter.

Renault Twizy – electric car is an ultra-compact size, which by its power is comparable to the scooter. Machine devoid of doors and windows (they are available at an extra charge), has a small resource capacity and range of travel, and looks pretty specific. Perhaps that is why her sales have recently become greatly reduced. It is difficult to say whether Renault expect to save a small electric car with the new modifications, but the concept already has its supporters.

“Cargo» Twizy Delivery is the same standard electric car, but with a few significant changes. Instead of the passenger seat rear body was transformed into a cargo platform, and added another wheel axle. The platform can be loaded only one special box of 1 square meter. It is obvious that in order to “kid» Twizy could carry for a even a small load, it was necessary to increase his stamina. However, the details of Renault yet silent.

But it is known that the project is relevant to the investigation VELUD, Renault conducted together with several other companies, whose goal is to improve urban transport conditions. The project Twizy Delivery going to use to deliver the items to the “last mile.” But, in fact, it is possible to find more applications: sale and delivery of flowers, sandwiches and souvenirs.

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