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Porsche has refused to establish a budget sports car

Porsche has refused to establish a budget sports car

Porsche has refused to establish a budget sports car

After a thorough analysis of the market Stuttgart sports car manufacturer has decided to abandon the creation of low-cost model Porsche 718, which was supposed to be an alternative Boxster.

The fact that Porsche has no plans to design a sports car Porsche 718, said head of research and development Wolfgang Hatz.

 Implementation of the project was stopped because the company did not see the point in the construction budget machine. According to Hutz, the appearance of a product line of such a model would harm the image of Porsche. “We see no reasons why we should release a model class below Boxster.

Our products must remain exclusive, so we cannot chase volumes. Boxster is the perfect base vehicle Porsche”, – said Wolfgang Hatz in an interview with Autocar. It was reported that the new Porsche 718 sports car built on a unified models Boxster and Cayman platform.

Double car planned to equip turbo 4-cylinder petrol engines of the new family, the development of which it became known last summer. The range of engines will include engines of 1.6, 2.0 and 2.5 liters in the power range from 210 to 360hp Powertrains will be paired with a six-step “mechanics” and robotic gearbox PDK double-clutch.

In the European market price Porsche 718 should not exceed the mark of € 45 000. For comparison, the cost of Porsche Boxster in Germany is just under € 50 000.

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