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Google announced the list of the most popular cars USA

Google announced the list of the most popular cars USA

Google announced the list of the most popular cars USA

Internet search engine Google has summed up 2014 and named the most popular cars USA of the outgoing year for different countries. Unfortunately, the list of the most popular cars was made only for the US, but there were no small sensation. If last year was the leader of the ranking queries company Tesla, a year later, she was at the end of the list.

US Internet users in the past year have demonstrated patriotism in their own interests. So the first three lines of the rating requests per category «Cars» occupied the brands Ford, Jeep and Dodge. General Motors has appeared in fifth place, and only the tenth Tesla. Stable popularity in the United States also enjoy Japanese brands Toyota (4th place), Subaru (5th place), as well as Honda and Nissan (7 and 8, respectively).

Edition Jalopnik specify which of the cars brought success to various automakers. For example at Ford success enjoyed new Mustang and F-150 pickup truck. Jeep continues to occupy the minds of Americans models Cherokee, Grand Cherokee and Wrangler. At the same time attracted Dodge Ram pick-up people in the US and other machinery increased carrying capacity, which in fact has become a particular trademark?

In terms of geographical origin is worth noting increased interest in the Japanese brands from the residents of the State of California. It Californians often interested in Toyota and Honda. At the same time, information about the “Nissan’s” most searched for by users from Mississippi.

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