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Concept Pininfarina Sergio turned into a production model

Concept Pininfarina Sergio turned into a production model

Concept Pininfarina Sergio turned into a production model

In March of last year to the bride in Geneva design studio Pininfarina showed conceptual roadster Pininfarina Sergio, commissioned by the company Ferrari. Then show car released in honor of Pininfarina Sergio, who died a year earlier. Later, the Italians said they plan to release standard, and the other day in the network has the first official pictures of the roadster version of the conveyor.

The car is different from the concept of glazing and correct design Pininfarina Sergio. Serial roadster coupe is based on the Ferrari 458 Italia. In the motion provides 605-horsepower engine V8 (paired with a seven “robot”), which allows it to accelerate from standstill to 100 km / h in just three seconds. Ferrari supercar Buyers Company chose it among the most loyal customers. According to rumors, the first owner of Ferrari Sergio became the Arab sheikh.

Ferrari unveiled the production version of Pininfarina Sergio Concept

Company Ferrari unveiled the production version of concept car Pininfarina Sergio, two-seat roadster, which, in turn, was first shown to the public at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2013.

The car, designed in honor of Sergio Pininfarina (at the time he identified ways and plans long-term cooperation with the company from Maranello), designed on the basis of a roadster 458 Spider, with the car turned out less radical than the concept, the name of which he received.

Concept Pininfarina Sergio turned into a production model

Despite some stylistic differences, the production version of Ferrari Sergio characterized by traditional design unique front and black inserts that were used as part of last year’s concept Pininfarina Sergio Concept. A distinctive feature of the Roadster – rear window located under “negative” angle, as well as rollover protection with built-in air ducts. Also noteworthy black engine cover, rear lights round, forked exhaust system, rear diffuser and unique wheels.

Design Ferrari Sergio copied from 458 Sider, but differs from the latter sports seats upholstered in leather and automotive suede with contrasting red stitching, as well as elements made of carbon fiber. Other features – cut at the bottom sport steering wheel and logo «Sergio» on the dashboard.

In the Ferrari still refuse to talk about the technical characteristics of Sergio, confirming only that the sports car will be equipped with 4.5-liter V8 rated at 605hp. The latter allows two-seater roadster to accelerate to “hundreds” of three seconds.

So is Pininfarina Sergio Ferrari production limited to 6 units

Concept Pininfarina Sergio turned into a production model

Many laps have given Pininfarina Sergio Concept before reaching production. This is a special model built based on the Ferrari 458 Spider, with a design that pays homage to Pininfarina Sergio, very related to the Maranello factory in its history. This is definitely the production version, the Ferrari Sergio.

Facing the prototype we met, what is striking is the inclusion of a new windshield, element lacking the concept. Maintains front of similar design, with a new bumper and somewhat larger headlights. Back is where most obvious are the changes without so striking diffuser, not a center exhaust outlet or light clusters as futuristic.

Tires are also specific, in gold, but lose the structure. Among the most striking, the central arch with integrated air intakes or back-up in black hood with ventilation openings for circular motor.

Trace the inside of the Ferrari 458 Spider from which it derives, leaving for another occasion the exclusive details. If the interior of high quality materials such as leather and Alcantara upholstery with contrasting stitching in red dress. Moldings, being a sports model, are configured in carbon fiber.

Concept Pininfarina Sergio turned into a production model

The engine of the Ferrari Sergio is the same as moving with joy to the Ferrari 458 Speciale, atmospheric block V8 4.5 liter and no less than 605 horsepower. The benefits are still unknown, but we assume that will not differ much from the original model, exceeding 300 km / h and closing the 0-100 km / h in about 3 seconds.

The Ferrari Sergio will be an extremely limited edition aimed primarily at collecting. Only 6 units will be manufactured and each will cost approximately 3 million euros. Of course, difficult to be together both in the same place so if you see one, date satisfied.

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