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Price Opel Karl will be lower than expected

Price Opel Karl will be lower than expected

Price Opel Karl will be lower than expected

The German company Opel released the first images of its budget hatchback Karl, which promises to be the cheapest in the lineup automaker. A few days ago German media voiced initial cost of equipment, which amounted to 10 000 euros. However, leaders of Opel deny this information and say that the price of the car will be smaller.

The specific value in Russelsheim not yet declassified, but the Germans reported that Opel Karl and costs will compete with the Citroen C1 and the Hyundai i10.

“We no longer have been in the line of the car at this price. And given that for many people the amount of 10 million euros is a psychological barrier in the segment of low-cost, we will offer the market Karl for a very reasonable price” – Reported in Opel.

It is worth recalling that the city hatchback Opel Karl with his 3 meter length of 680 millimeters is the most compact in the model number of the German company. Five-seater, weighing 900 kg will be driven by a three-cylinder 75-strong installation of 1 liter.

Budget hatchback from Opel Karl brought to the road tests

NEW carefully hidden under camouflage, but despite this external features of the car clearly visible similarity with other compact hatchback – Opel Adam.

The most affordable model of the brand will be called Opel Karl and place in the model lineup is a step below Corsa.The basis for the new hatchback was the compact model Chevrolet Spark, but the engines Karl would get the model Adam.

Price Opel Karl will be lower than expected

It will be three- and four-cylinder units of various capacities. It is also expected that the new 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine that develops 115hp and 170 Nm of torque, will be the base for new items.

The world premiere of Opel Karl will be held in the spring of 2015. Expected value – at 7 thousand euros, which will allow Opel to compete in the rapidly growing European brand Dacia.

Opel revealed a new budget hatchback Opel Karl

At the end of next year, the brand Chevrolet “catapulted” from Europe; therefore, in particular, there will be another Spark presented as … meet the new Opel Karl (British – Vauxhall Viva)! How much is a close connection with the Korean “Spark”, and whether it is at all, we have yet to learn. But we can already conclude that looks ideological successor “spark” cannot budget.

Price Opel Karl will be lower than expected

When it comes to affordable hatchback A-Class (expected starting price in Europe – less than 10 000 euros), affect the design theme somehow even indecent. But not in this case. “Carl”, even though with simple lighting fixtures, looks great and is knocked out of the lineup. Traditional “aircraft wings” on the grille, raised hood, multiple nodules on the doors – feeling that the savings on aesthetics does not arise.

Strictly front-wheel chassis, of course, with the usual spring struts and torsion beam, and with rear drum brakes. But there Stability and traction control in electric power steering is “weightless” Mode City (parking), and wheels – diameter from 14 to 16 inches.

Price Opel Karl will be lower than expected

The power unit is seemingly simple: three cylinder liter of 75 and five forces “mechanical” steps. But motor -That new, advanced – as in Opel Adam and Corsa, only naturally aspirated (is there a balance shaft and direct injection, while, however, are not reported).

With equipment okay. Proposed cruise control, panoramic roof, electric heating of the front seats and steering wheel (multi-function, as in “Corsa”), as well as multimedia complex IntelliLink with a touch screen and the ability to connect devices based on Android OS and iOS. And the list of equipment has parking “assistant” and tracking system for road markings and retention at the start of the hill.

The new compact Opel Karl debut next year – most likely at the March Geneva Motor Show. Sales will begin in the spring of 2015. Let’s hope that Opel Karl and will arrive in Russia – to compete with the popular in our Kia Picanto.

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