• Today is: Monday, December 18, 2017

Nissan to hundreds of “female” auto in Japan

Nissan to hundreds of "female" auto in Japan

Nissan to hundreds of "female" auto in Japan

Japanese automaker Nissan has decided to increase its popularity among women, for which launches special “female” car dealerships and increases the number of women employees in the company.

Nissan conducted a study which found that 75% of car purchases last word rests with the woman, regardless, whether the vehicle is purchased for herself or jointly with their spouse. Therefore, in 2013 the Japanese launched a project called “Ladies first” (Ladies First). The concept was to create a stylish and colorful showrooms where would be sold cars, aimed at women motorists, and where would provide room for breastfeeding and play areas for children. By the end of the current fiscal year, the number of these salons will increase three times, ie. E. To 300 pieces. And by 2018, there should be 700 units.

Executive vice president of Nissan Co. Takao Katagiri also said that the company intends to double the number of female staff in half by 2018, compared with 2012. In particular, if women now occupy 7% of the staff of senior managers, then by 2018 their number should be 10% of the total.

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