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New winter tires Continental: record levels without increasing prices

New winter tires Continental

New winter tires Continental

Forecasters like to talk about the weather “place.” Somewhere sunny, somewhere rain. Our roads in winter – the same place in the snow, in some places – icy, and in some areas – dry or wet. New winter tires Continental premium Continental Winter Contact TS 850 P and ContiVikingContact 6 ride in any place makes a safe, comfortable and economical.

As the Regional Sales Manager in Ukraine Alexander Sparrow in New winter tires Continental technocrats work, so a big role in the company’s advanced technology is withdrawn. And the novelty of the current winter season – confirm this. Studless Continental Winter Contact TS 850 P and  ContiVikingContact 6 many parameters can argue with studded New winter tires Continental from other manufacturers. Although, Continental has its own good studded tire. Indeed, experience in creating winter tire company – huge. First winter tire is tested and released in 1952.

New winter tires Continental – ContiVikingContact 6

This Nordic tires created just for us, said Mr Sparrow. Especially appreciate the Nordic tire motorists in cities. They are virtually indispensable when significant precipitation falls and the roads are not cleared, and the next day rutted wet snow creates mess on the road, which turns into a skating rink cold. This nvinka best in braking, it has improved manageability, efficiency and comfort compared to the previous generation.

New winter tires Continental

Helps to overcome the vagaries of weather tread design trends. Functionally divided into three parts asymmetrical profile of a soft rubber compound ensures high efficiency and manageability ContiVikingContact 6 tires on snowy, slippery and dry roads. Thus, the outer regions of the tread, which receive the greatest load during cornering, using a double hard blocks provide improved traction and precision turning on dry pavement. These units serve as a support for each other, ensuring greater stability and controllability of the vehicle.

The central portion of the contact patch with the road ContiVikingContact 6 provides high traction on slippery surfaces thanks to a balanced distribution of sipes in the tread blocks. Furniture slats form a large number of biting edges, which ultimately act as wipers – remove a thin layer of water from the contact patch and thus prevent aquaplaning.

The inner part of the tread, equipped with a large curved inside the unit, is responsible for the off-road and handling on snow. These blocks separated by narrow grooves located along the traffic and connected by small bridges. On snowy roads they operate on the principle of chains and due to friction of snow on snow provide extra grip. Another cunning developers from Hanover are numerous step-lamellae with small bridges. These jumpers hinder closing slats under load – so they can be filled with snow and provide extra grip on snow-covered track sections. Besides traction on snow these technological solutions give the tire additional stability when braking.

Places, which have to travel – it’s snowing, age and dry surface. For driving on each of these surfaces is responsible separate part of the tread. It turns out that unlike many of the “mix” three in one tire Continental – it is not bad. in this case – it’s safety, handling and comfort in the cube.

Not the least role in this play and the special rubber compound, used to make new tires. It is able to change its properties depending on the annexed efforts.

Thanks to the improved design ContiVikingContact 6 proved to be highly effective and performance on icy and dry road, even in extreme conditions. Recently authoritative Finnish automobile publication Tuulilasi recognized ContiVikingContact 6 bus №1 in independent tests of winter tires Studless Winter Tire Test 2014.

They are available for both passenger cars and for the SUV, as evidenced by the special designation on the sidewall.

New winter tires Continental Winter Contact TS 850 P

This new product according to the manufacturer gives the same pleasure from riding in the summer, but the cold in the snow, and common people. To ensure that such behavior of the tire, the tread increased the number of both longitudinal and transverse slats. As a result, the new model to improve the management of 5% on the snow at 5% faster than the brakes in the wet, 5% longer service life. A New winter tires Continental asymmetric tread WinterContact TS 850 P provides safety even in the winter dynamic driving.

New winter tires Continental

Each of these figures has its technical confirmation. High safety and comfort control of the new model on snow-covered roads are achieved primarily through the inside of the tread shoulder area where the development engineers were able to fit a large number of blocks by reducing the distance between the lamellae. Thus, increasing the number of biting edges in the transverse direction, and the slats in the middle of the working surface on the inner side of the tire can take more snow and increase friction. The result – a new winter tire handling premium on snow 5% higher.

Indicators controllability of winter tires on dry roads differ stiffness profile. Improving this parameter for asymmetric tires, developers are focused on the outer shoulder tires slats Continental WinterContact TS 850 P are formed so as to maintain the rigidity of the blocks. For additional traction and enhance stability on the road, slats and blocks in the construction of the outer and central parts of the profile support each other. Thus, the steering team performed extremely accurately and quickly. Another trick engineers – a smaller sidewall, which ensures rapid growth of lateral force.

The high rate of the clutch while braking is achieved through the design of the central part of the tread. Developers have borrowed some elements of summer tires, a new asymmetrical profile WinterContact TS 850 P is discontinuous band structure providing efficient transmission of forces during braking. Thanks to the flexible structure blocks the contact area with the road tires during turns increases, which serves as an additional grip when braking and cornering. Thus, on a dry road braking distance reduced to 3%, and the wet – up to 5% compared with the previous model.

As for fuel economy, then new WinterContact TS 850 P 14% less rolling resistance than the previous generation.

In addition, as reported by Arunas Kiaushas, ​​director of marketing and exporting New winter tires Continental in the Baltic States, New winter tires Continental have the same performance the entire term of his service. In addition, some advanced users in Eastern Europe last season New winter tires Continental, when the tread depth reaches 3 mm, using them as all season. Thanks to technology and special tread compound, as well as – if follow the correct pressure, New winter tires Continental have increased wear in warm weather.

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