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New Linkoln MKX got motor ecoboost

New Linkoln MKX got motor ecoboost

New Linkoln MKX got motor ecoboost

Tuesday began the second day of the Detroit Auto Show, one of the most significant events in the life of a car, which means that you can expect a lot of interesting articles cars with reviews of new products. One of the newcomers was a new event Linkoln MKX.

Linkoln MKX remained almost unchanged since 2011, which, however, did not prevent him from being the second best-selling premium brand for 2014. Nevertheless, the Americans sensibly decided that success needs to be developed, so we decided to upgrade the car. The novelty has received a new optional engine, a more recent and a premium appearance, cozy and comfortable lounge. Total Linkoln counted 36 innovations designed to make the car even more attractive to buyers.

Former atmospheric “six” in volume of 3,7 liters remains as the standard engine, but buyers can also opt for the optional EcoBoost V6 volume of 2.7 liters. Aspirated develops about 300hp, turbo – more than 330 hp In the initial configuration is done on the front drive axle, for a fee you can order crossover with all-wheel drive. With the engine running, 6-speed automatic transmission.

Linkoln MKX received a revised chassis, improved noise insulation and Adaptive steering. Moreover, this model is first of all collected Ford, equipped with collision avoidance technology that warns the driver about the threat and self-activates the brakes. Also on the list of technologies listed sky cameras.

In appearance Linkoln MKX is difficult to identify the specific location refinement, as the body as a whole has become more smooth and soft contours. It is worth noting, however, fully LED headlamps, as well as improved lighting in the cabin.

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