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Multimedia Mazda3: a pleasant companion Articles

Multimedia Mazda3: a pleasant companion Articles

Multimedia Mazda3: a pleasant companion Articles

This Multimedia system not only looks great, but also knows how to talk with the owner – at least, to carry out his voice commands.

Multimedia system Mazda3, which is available in versions Touring and Touring +, provides everything you need for modern man: allows you to connect external sources for listening to music, phone, navigation, and serves as an extended on-board computer.

The heart of the entertainment system is a 7-inch color touch screen at the top of the center console. To operate all functions of the head unit in three ways: by simply clicking on a certain area of the screen, using two special joystick or buttons on the steering wheel. So the manufacturer took care of the safety management system – the driver chooses the best option. Joysticks are located on the center console between the front seats, and they are convenient. Handed down on the steering wheel buttons, with which you can switch between radio stations and tracks, lift and hang up, adjust the volume.

Multimedia Mazda3: a pleasant companion Articles

Big joystick is responsible for menu navigation. It can rotate, press or push one of the four sides. Regulates only a small volume.
Unfortunately, in our version of the navigation system is not available (you can buy). It is interesting that at the same time in the test car still embedded GPS-module. In the menu “Navigation” you can always find your coordinates and altitude above sea level.

Fuel consumption (average, for a certain period, instant) is displayed in the form of visual diagrams.

The multimedia system allows you to make calls via a Bluetooth connection phone, and read music.
The main highlight of the audio system installed in the Mazda, an excellent voice control. Pressing a special button on the steering wheel and activating this function, you can voice to call for help, go to the main menu or any of its sections. Experiments have shown that for correct operation of your voice, it is desirable to sit behind the wheel and look to the future, with no need to raise your voice.

Music player can easily cope with audio files of various formats, located on the USB-drives, MP3-player or smartphone. The latter, incidentally, can be connected either via the protocol Bluetooth, and using a 3.5-inch connector. The player sees the official, and not so legitimate content. Making calls, and we have noted in the cabin, and at the other end excellent audibility sobesednika.kompaniya expand the range of SUVs. In 2016, is expected to appear midsize crossover seven-seater, and later will compact SUV B-segment, which will compete with Fiat 500X, Renault Captur, Nissan Juke and the Jeep Renegade.

While the above-mentioned 7-seater SUV will be presented in both front- and all-wheel drive versions, a small crossover Skoda will be available exclusively in the version with front-wheel drive. Presumably the model will use the same platform as the future Volkswagen Taigun, as well as get a line-efficient three-cylinder petrol and diesel engines.

The expansion of the model line – the result of the global strategic program of Skoda, which predpolagaetsuschestvennoe rynkai increase in the proportion of sales. Given the steady growth of sales in the segment of compact SUV and crossover expansion proposal through the new youth psevdovnedorozhnoy Skoda model seems the most promising.

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