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Mexico presented new car Force India

Mexico presented new car Force India

Mexico presented new car Force India

Formula 1 team Force India presented its new livery car VJM08 at the event in Mexico City, the Museum Soumaya. Thus the team wanted to mark the return of the Grand Prix of Mexico in the calendar of Formula 1, and at the same time honor the attention of old and new sponsors.

The new livery VJM08 consists of three shades. For black and orange added silver. So Force India tried to make the car more aggressive and increase the visibility of their sponsors logos. Vijay Mallya, Force India boss recalled that when the team just came out at the start of the Big Prizes, their car was painted white and then gradually added to it the color of the Indian flag. When the team added to the body of the car black, thus highlighting the logos of sponsors, it received positive reviews. Force India hoping that silver tint car will give a new character and also will appeal to partners.

In fact, there was a presentation in Mexico City, only a new color of the car, and he will come to the tests only in Barcelona, at the end of February. However, the machine presented yesterday, yet you will notice a new form of the nose cone – it became less and shorter. Technical Director VJM08 shared and some other parts of the new car. In particular, it is now equipped with a rear suspension hydro system.

Force India only in January, went to work at Toyota wind tunnel in Cologne. Now the team can use a copy of the car in 60% scale, which significantly affects the reliability of the data. Have been upgraded and systems modeling. Vijay Mallya says that all of these changes would be ineffective if the team did not work real professionals and fireballs are not managed by experienced riders. Force India expects that will be involved in the fight against larger players in the beginning of the European phase of the season, because, since the Spanish Grand Prix will start using aerodynamic innovations, developed in accordance with the data obtained in the tests in the wind tunnel.

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