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Mercedes-Benz C-Class review has got a brand new wagon

Mercedes-Benz C-Class review has got a brand new wagon

Mercedes-Benz C-Class review has got a brand new wagon

Family Mercedes-Benz C-Class review new generation replenished station wagon version. The official debut of a novelty in the fall at an auto show in Paris. In September, will begin selling the versatile Mercedes-Benz C-Class review?

Class new generation. Despite its utilitarian design direction of the car turned out very elegant and even sports. Compared to its predecessor, the novelty has received more extensive list of basic and additional equipment, innovative technology and a roomy trunk. Overall dimensions of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class review station wagon rose significantly.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class review has got a brand new wagon

 The wheelbase has grown by 80 mm and now reaches 2840 mm. Vehicle 96 mm long (4702 mm) and 40 mm wider (1810 mm) precursor. The result was to increase the usable space in the cabin. For example, the rear passengers have 45mm more legroom. Well, of course, the amount of luggage up to 490 liters (5 liters). If you fold the rear row of seats, the roomy trunk reaches 1510 liters (10 liters). Also, now back row of seats folded in the ratio of 40/20/40, while its predecessor – 60/40. This increases the number of possible combinations of the cabin.

Convert from the passenger cabin in the cargo and vice versa by pressing the button of the drive. You can also order an optional electric tailgate and door opening system without using their hands. Similarly, Mercedes-Benz C-Class review sedan new product can be ordered with a different design of the front end – sports or classic. By utilizing a construction machine alloy materials was reduced vehicle weight 65 kg.

The choice will be available to customers a wide range of petrol and diesel engines fitted with a system ECO start / stop and the relevant environmental standards of Euro 6. Compared with its predecessor the novelty has become 20 percent more economical. Diesel versions are presented with new 4-cylinder engines with power from 115 to 204 forces equipped with technology BlueTEC.

In addition, the company offers a diesel-electric hybrid C 300 BlueTEC HYBRID with 204-strong turbodiesel and support the 27-horsepower electric motor. Such a modification of the combined cycle consumes just 3.8 liters of diesel fuel, equivalent to atmospheric emissions of 99 g / km of CO2. Fans of petrol engines are addressed to three 4-cylinder and a 6-cylinder engine equipped with the technology BlueDIRECT and develop power from 156 to 333 hp Later, a hybrid gasoline-electric version of the C 350 HYBRID with a system of charging the battery is equipped with 211-horsepower engine and 50-kilowatt electric motor. For the model developed entirely new suspension.

Front multi-link circuit is used. Moreover, buyers can choose between two specifications Mercedes-Benz C-Class review, standard and sport. In addition, as an option for the first time offered air suspension AIRMATIC.

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