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Mclaren Sports series debut in New York

Mclaren Sports series debut in New York

Mclaren Sports series debut in New York

British supercar manufacturer McLaren intends to launch on the market next year, its a completely new model. Now she has a codename Sports Series, but can change it when you exit the series. In the model range model will be “younger”, and although her appearance is already quite close to it is still not much is known of the facts. Autocar tried to collect data vst together.

So, McLaren Sports Series debut next year at the April New York International Auto Show. Approximate cost of the model is estimated at 130,000 pounds, and its main competitors will be the Porsche 911, Mercedes-AMG GT and BMW i8. It will be the final link in the long-promised three-model range McLaren (in addition to 12C and 650S). According to Mark Flyuita, president of the British brand, car delivery will begin in the last quarter of 2015. At the moment, McLaren dealer network has 60 salons, but can expand to 100.

Every year, McLaren intend to collect thousands of 2-2.5 its affordable supercar, which will be presented in several versions. So far, no official details about its technical and mechanical characteristics not, but the British had already published several teasers and told a little bit about his exterior. First of all, the owners of Sport Series should please a wide doorway and a comfortable fit in the car – the company decided that this car will be used in everyday life, so you need to make it more practical. The model is based on a unique version of the carbon chassis, received LED headlights and doors “butterfly wings”.

In the future, McLaren plans to create a range of affordable supercar, “central” model and a luxury car for the most affluent customers.

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