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Mclaren MSO paint color gulf racing

Mclaren MSO paint color gulf racing

Mclaren MSO paint color gulf racing

Selecting a pram quite a difficult job – you need to find a comfortable, practical and at an affordable price. If a family has a car, it is better to look for strollers with a portable avtolyulki. Although not all cars can take a child – in sports car it will not be very safe. Especially in hypercar McLaren P1 power 916 hp

Successful British brand sports car manufacturer McLaren has created a special unit MSO, whose staff are working to make cars more exclusive. Every customer who can afford it, can be ordered from the British unique car that will match their preferences. The team can choose a unique shade of the body, and can and does alter it – whatever the client wishes. Miles Nadal, president of consulting firm in Canada, asked MSO repaint its hybrid hypercar in the colors of the legendary racing team Gulf Racing.

McLaren P1 for the Miles Nadal painted in bright blue color with orange accent strip that stretches from the bonnet to the rear, brake pads and thin orange bands that run around the perimeter of the vehicle. The interior of the MSO team continued the theme of Gulf Racing, using blue and orange colors in some instruments and letting them control the zero position of the steering wheel.

Technical filling McLaren P1 unchanged. This is still a hybrid hypercar, which has a top speed of 350 km / h and accelerates from zero to 100 km / h in just 2.8 seconds. Note that all 375 copies of a hybrid sports car is already sold. Moreover, three-quarters of buyers P1 decides to go back for revision in hybrid unit personalization MSO.

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