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Lotus first crossover will look like 3-Eleven

Lotus first crossover will look like 3-Eleven

The design of the first in the history of Lotus crossover model will resemble 3-Eleven. This was in an interview with Car brand said CEO Jean-Marc Hals. Also, he said, the novelty will receive 1974 Elite features and other sports cars Lotus.

Overall dimensions of the car will repeat Porsche Macan, but crossover Lotus will significantly bus his German colleagues. Besides, the novelty will be easier Macan 200-300 kilograms.

The car will receive the aluminum body panels and engine Toyota. The main competitor of new items in the global market will be Porsche Macan. However, crossover Lotus should be 200-300 kg lighter than his opponent. At the same dimensions new items will repeat Macan. According to unofficial data, the basis of the new car will be taken a concept car called APX, submitted in 2006.

will collect the car at a factory in China. This was possible thanks to the agreement of the British company and the holding of local Goldstar. Initially, the new product will be sold in the Chinese market, however, does not exclude the emergence of crossover and elsewhere.

The production model is to begin in 2020. The novelty of the company referred to as “first light off-road vehicle in the world».

Recall to enter the SUV segment has recently decided a number of automakers, had never issued such vehicles. So, in the coming years will present SUVs Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin and many other manufacturers.