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KIA use images Stig in advertising minivan

KIA use images Stig in advertising minivan

KIA use images Stig in advertising minivan

After a day of many people want to relax, spend time with family and just distract from the work and worries. Automotive life is full of surprises, curiosities, funny and instructive stories, and sometimes you can laugh at these funny situations. And if you own a minivan Kia Sedona, then escape from worries, you can still before get home – a new generation of this model, created using the finest materials and with an eye to the high level of comfort. Even the “Stig” from Top Gear is able to appreciate it!

Advertisers KIA known for their rollers with hamsters as the main characters. However, in advertising the new generation Kia Sedona they decided to depart from tradition and used the image Stig – chief pilot program Top Gear. Frames at the beginning of advertising promise some action on the racetrack, speed and style, but seconds later we overlook the comfortable interior of the car and the three “Stig” who did not think about speed, but rather to enjoy the comfort and tranquility in the car. One Stig adjusts navigation, the second passionate about the iPad, and the third one is trying to find the right position for a comfortable stay.

Apparently, so marketers have tried to express in advertising twofold Kia Sedona new generation. On the one hand, it is a family minivan, providing a decent share of the convenience and functionality, and on the other – it’s pretty aggressive design, the style of “crossover” and 3.3-liter “six” power 276hp. Under the hood. During the presentation, representatives of KIA car stubbornly avoid the word “minivan”, preferring to call Sedona “multifunctional” car. As far as the South Korean company managed to move away from the image of boring minivans and interested buyers can learn from the sales figures.

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