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KIA Sportspace not get a serial avatar

KIA Sportspace not get a serial avatar

The sad news was announced by the head of the US division KIA Orth Hendrix for all fans of the concept of the South Korean brand Sportspace. The company decided that the wagon can “eat” the sale of the popular Sorento, and that they do not need.
“We looked at it (the concept Kia Sportspace). This is a nice car, and obviously it would be important mainly for Europe, as there are universals of love “- says Orth Hendrix. However, the company is in no hurry to make a production version of the concept, as it found that buyers can flop on the wagon from the Sorento.

Conceptual wagon Kia Sportspace was introduced in March this year at the Geneva Motor Show. The car has become a product of the Frankfurt design office of KIA, and the company was described as “a classic grand tourer for trips out of town on the weekends.” This is a car for travel, attacks on the nature and just leisure. In this case, it looks very stylish and immediately gained fans around the world. While saying that Sportspace alludes to the body “wagon” for Optima, which is also hinted at the automaker. However Orth Hendrix dispelled these expectations.

In Europe, the launch of the versatile on the market would make sense, but it is not enough business case. “We studied the estimated production, the number of people who would choose it, as well as the estimated cost,” – says Hendricks. Those figures, which have received a KIA, they were not satisfied – to create the concept of the production car would be too expensive.

Note that this is not the first time the KIA have created a concept that immediately fell in love all over the world, and then said that he would not run in the series. It happened before, and with sports car KIA GT, although the company now gave up and began to take measures for its transformation in the production version.

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