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The new generation of Jaguar XF sedan will debut in the spring of 2015

The new generation of Jaguar XF sedan will debut in the spring of 2015

The new generation of Jaguar XF sedan will debut in the spring of 2015

Information about the upcoming premiere of the new sedan extended several reputable British media reports, citing its own sources in the leadership of the British brand. As reported, Jaguar XF new generation will be built on the same scalable modular platform as the sedan XE.

Recall first aluminum architecture was officially presented at the conceptual SUV C-X17 Sports Crossover Concept at the end of 2013. It allows you to build different types of cars, without resorting to serious modernization of the basic units.

Because the new modular platform for the most part, made of aluminum, which means a significant reduction in the overall weight of the car. It is expected that the premium sedan Jaguar XF lose weight about 50-100 kg. That is, curb weight British car closer to the weight of its main competitors: Audi A6, BMW 5-Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

According to rumors, the new generation of Jaguar XF sedan will be offered with powertrains family Ingenium. At the top of the line engine is located mighty engine V8, which can produce more than 600 horsepower. As for the design and style? Many experts believe that the Jaguar XF sedan next generation largely repeat the style of the recently introduced XE, with sharp lines and the original optics.

In general, the British company is preparing to introduce a distinctive Jaguar car. New premium sedan XF will not make the revolution, but to strengthen brand identity. You must agree, seeing any model of brand Jaguar, you are without a doubt say that – it’s a wild cat.

The new Jaguar XF will make its debut in the spring in New York

Jaguar is actively working on a new sedan XF, which will replace the original models produced since 2007. According to Autocar, the premiere will be held in April next year at the International Motor Show in New York, and sales will start in the autumn.

The new generation of Jaguar XF sedan will debut in the spring of 2015

Jaguar XF second generation will produce on the same recipe as the new sedan XE. We have already noted that the model built on the same aluminum platform iQ [Al] and will provide front suspension double wishbone from a sports car F-Type. Expect a radical change of style is not necessary, since all sedans Jaguar Ian Callum authorship and so much in common, and serves as the main reference point XE in this sense is not far from his older brothers. However, insiders promise more dynamic, body. With XE, which prepared for the role of the bestseller, Jaguar aims to increase sales by more than half, including – developing new markets for themselves. The company believes that it is necessary to increase brand awareness, since not all countries are equally well aware of how to look “Jaguar”. Apparently, this means that in the near future “wild cats” appearance would be different from each other exclusively dimensions.

The new generation of Jaguar XF sedan will debut in the spring of 2015

Interior of the new XF also copied to XE. The equipment will include the same information and entertainment complex, which includes a system InControl Apps, which is called the creators of one of the most advanced voice recognition technology in the world. “Ford’s” engines will give way to a 2.0-liter petrol and diesel Ingenium, which will be released on the new Jaguar Land Rover plant . In addition to the base sedan, successors and get sports XFR and XFR-S. In addition, the new unit Special Vehicle Operations probably will release a limited edition especially powerful version. As for the wagon XF Sportbrake, his successor will be released with a delay of a couple of years since the original model debuted much later than the sedan.

The new generation of Jaguar XF sedan will debut in 2015

Business-class sedan Jaguar XF, produces since 2007, soon will survive the change of generations. British magazine Autocar reports that in April of next year, under the New York International Auto Show will be held on the official premiere of the new model.

The new generation of Jaguar XF sedan will debut in the spring of 2015

The design of the “second” generation sedan Jaguar XF will be reminded of the recently debuted a more compact model XE, however, and the style of the current model will be seen in the new product. Official images of the car yet, but designers’ magazine tried to imagine how it will look machine.

Jaguar XF is designed on a new platform with extensive use of aluminum, it is based on XE sedan and crossover promising brand. Thanks to this new sedan should be 50-100 pounds lighter first-generation model.

Special attention is paid to the interior of the machine engineers. Now Jaguar XF is often criticized for its closeness to the rear seats (compared with other business-class sedans), the new car should be spacious.

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