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Jaguar called their sports crossover F-Pace

Jaguar called their sports crossover F-Pace

Jaguar called their sports crossover F-Pace

In the modern age of the automobile world producers is not so easy to get on top of the car industry and gain a foothold in the hearts of buyers. Trends are changing rapidly, motorists are finding new “favorites”, and competition, meanwhile, is growing.

British brand Jaguar throughout history specialized in sports cars, but the problem is that consumers have started to give pdepochtenie more resilient and utilitarian crossovers and SUVs. And although there sister company Jaguar Land Rover, which produces just such cars, sports car brand leadership decided that they own without crossover can not do So there was a concept CX-17, which caused a lot of positive feedback among motorists. It remains the case for small – to translate the concept into a production reality, and Jaguar happily report that has already chosen a name for the new model: F-Pace.

Previously it was assumed that the crossover will be presented at the Detroit Auto Show, but it turned out that he had passed the stage of testing and refinement. However, it should appear in dealer showrooms next year. Andy Goss, director of JLR Global Sales, said: “In 2015, Jaguar will celebrate 80 years. We started this year with the announcement of our first sports crossover, which, in our opinion, is a great practical car – a car built on the principles of “The beauty, speed and space”, which will be one of the most innovative cars in the history of Jaguar ».

From the press release implies that Jaguar F-Pace – five-seat sports crossover, which is positioned as a “family sports car.” It is based on an aluminum platform and is equipped with all wheel drive system and cruise control on slippery surfaces.

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