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Jaguar C-X17 crossover cannot be called a crossover

Jaguar C-X17 crossover cannot be called a crossover

Jaguar C-X17 crossover cannot be called a crossover

In the company say that the production version of the crossover Jaguar C-X17 called crossover not possible.

Head of Group Jaguar Land Rover Ralf Speth spoke as follows: “The launch of the crossover badged Jaguar impossible. Crossovers and SUVs produce Land Rover. Concept Jaguar is much more focused on driving on normal roads. Such models need a different name.”

While linguists do not sleep at night, inside the company decided to call a prototype of a sports crossover. But the search for a new paradigm goes on to say that soon-found-word will be called a class of cars. A production samples Jaguar C-X17 will appear in 2016.

Recall that the debut of the concept of cross-Jaguar was held last year at the motor show in Frankfurt. Overall dimensions of the Jaguar C-X17 were more than the Range Rover Evoque. On engines not yet known, although somewhere said that probably will not be without four-cylinder petrol and diesel units, and maybe add a V6 from the “hot” F-Type.

Crossover Jaguar C-X17 in 2014 became the five-seater and gold

In continuation of the November auto parade, followed by Tokyo and Los Angeles auto show began its work in the Chinese city of Guangzhou. One of the premier motor show was “updated” version of the conceptual crossover Jaguar C-X17 2014. Recall that the debut of the first off-road vehicle companies held in September 2013 in Frankfurt, but during these two months the prototype was a little more refined.

Jaguar C-X17 crossover cannot be called a crossover

The most major change was the emergence of a Jaguar C-X17 2014 additional seats – now it can accommodate up to five people. In addition, external crossover, different color of the body – bright blue “German” anti-gold “Chinese”, style 23-inch wheels and interior design. In place of white leather and the glossy brown leather come with inlays of walnut.

Also, the new coupe got a panoramic glass roof, multimedia complex with integrated Wi-Fi, a fully digital instrument panel, audio system with 28 speakers Meridian, head-up display system and interference is detected in the blind zones. In mass production, which will be established by 2015, a new crossover Jaguar C-X17 will get a six-cylinder engines volume of 3.0 liters capacity of 340 and 380 horsepower, but later will be expanded range of engines.

Crossover Jaguar C-X17: Prospects amazing concept

The company Jaguar Land Rover launched its first crossover model called the Jaguar C-X17. The first show of the vehicle took place at the Frankfurt Motor Show, but now the company demonstrates this car all over the world in different colors.

Front car of optics relief hood and grille can resemble a car brand Sedan XF, but take a look at the side wings raised, as looming individual features crossover Jaguar.

Dimensions and exterior features – Jaguar C-X17

Crossover Jaguar C-X17 has impressive dimensions: length 4.7 m cars, height – 1.63 m. Regardless of massiveness, designers provided him with bearing, front overhang has been shortened, and grill car is not specifically changed for recognition of Jaguar models. Feed the car also has a stunning view and rear fenders of the car smoothly into the lights, which resembles F-Type.

Jaguar C-X17 crossover cannot be called a crossover

Due to the large grille large air collectors on the bumper affect the excellent engine cooling machine. Under the hood of a car are a 4-cylinder turbo engine and the brand Ingenium V6. The new crossover installed a new modular platform scaled IQ (AI).

Crossover Jaguar has a low center of gravity, a small mass for an SUV and traction control system (for braking and wheel torque distribution), which makes the machine easy to operate.

Opportunities salon – Jaguar C-X17

Salon is designed for comfortable fit 4-5 passengers. Interior designer Ian Kelly took as a basis to make a visually lightweight seat crossover Jaguar. Thus, chairs resemble an object of art and not like ordinary chairs for passengers. Seats were significantly lowered than before, and every chair was laser engraved ornaments “crow’s feet”. In order to emphasize the visual effect was made by special lighting, which opens through the blinds on the ceiling inside the car.

Jaguar C-X17 crossover cannot be called a crossover

New Jaguar crossover provided adjacent interconnected screens which are connected to the board WI-FI. Through a computer, you can freely enter the social network, stream content, view images and videos. The audio system comes with digital sound processing; speakers were installed in racks sitting. For the gear lever was selected material that is commonly used for water resistance electrical contacts, it cannot surprise us.

Jaguar C-X17 crossover cannot be called a crossover

In addition, the instrument panel has a TFT device with light and head-up display. Multimedia system can use all the passengers’ cabin, because the interior is equipped with multiple touch screens around the perimeter of the crossover Jaguar (photo salon above).

Jaguar C-X17 crossover cannot be called a crossover

Soon, this exclusive brand will become a model of serial production of the company’s Jaguar. Series production will take place in 2016. The innovative modular structure of the PLA will be the basis for other models of the car company. It’s hard to call this car crossover budget, because the crossover Jaguar price will be 30-35 thousand pounds, dollars is 50000-58000.

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