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In MINI replaced the head

In MINI replaced the head

In MINI replaced the head

BMW announced a reshuffle in the state employees. Including the change of the head of a subsidiary brand Mini – they became Sebastian Makensen. New boss takes office on 1 March this year, and now he heads the British brand sales.

British brand of compact cars in retro style Mini transplant models on a new platform, but a significant increase in sales so far was not seen. In contrast, in markets such as the US, sales of Mini decreased by 15.6%. Since March, these concerns will be passed on to Makensena Sebastian, who works in the Mini since October 2013, and before that he worked in a different brand of premium automotive industry.

Jochen Goller, 48 years old, is president of the Mini at the moment, but after a couple of months, he will move to China – a top manager Bavarians was appointed head of the marketing department of a joint venture BMW Brilliance. It should be noted that Mr. Goller already have experience in the Chinese market – he once headed the local office of the BMW marketing.

BMW also thinking of combining with Toyota to create a new “baby» Mini. The model should be the most compact and affordable in the model number of the British brand. On this edition of Automobile said one of the sources Mini, saying that “a lot of time until such time as a kid Mini gets on his feet, but when Klaus Fröhlich, member of the board of directors of departments of research and development, went to America at the beginning of this year, this question was one of the main agenda for the visit. “

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