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In Detroit showed the best car commercials of the year

In Detroit showed the best car commercials of the year

In Detroit showed the best car commercials of the year

As part of the Detroit auto show a presentation of the best commercials of the past year, the selected organization The One Club. The competition jury is marked not just successful solutions, and the most creative and interesting approaches to advertising automotive products.

Nominations were several. Internet award was Jean-Claude Van Damme and sensational visuals Volvo Trucks «The Epic Split», made by Forsman & Bodenfors. 77 million views to date!

In television commercials just three winners. The only movie, clear without translation – a «Dad’s Sixth Sense» (Father’s sixth sense), developed INNOCEAN USA for Hyundai Motor America.

Another TV commercial from the United States – for the brand Audi. Agency Venables Bell & Partners was awarded for an interesting new approach to public relations Q3. Movie called «The Scripted Life» (Life on the scenario).

Third, again, an English-language movie set in the Australian Saatchi & Saatchi. It shows what «Unbreakable Drivers» (invulnerable drivers) must be the owners of pickup trucks Toyota Hilux.

In the category “Interactive” won Wieden + Kennedy, Honda and channel Youtube, have offered an unusual approach to the new PR “tupera.” See stands naushinkah and periodically pressing the key «R» on the keyboard.

The award for the “experiments” were Ogilvy & Mather and Volkswagen, who tried to remind the Chinese people that you should always look at the road and not be distracted.

In print advertising prize went to the French from Leo Burnett. They drew a series of interesting pictures «Upside Down» (upside down) for Jeep.


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