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In 2015, Lewis Hamilton will keep your number

In 2015, Lewis Hamilton will keep your number

In 2015, Lewis Hamilton will keep your number

According to the official statement of FIA, the double world champion in Formula 1 Lewis Hamilton next year will not receive yedinichku on board his car.

This year, Hamilton won 11 Grand Prix, gaining 384 points, and deservedly became world champion

Shortly before Christmas guide Formula 1 has published a revised list of participants of the World Cup in 2015. It is confirmed that the Englishman Lewis Hamilton, who in this year’s two-time world champion, decided to defend his title, speaking under the same number 44, as in 2014.

44 – my number. I won my first championship karting, speaking at number 44. So I want to ask me to save this number and the following year.

In 2015, Lewis Hamilton will keep your number

Hamilton is really very kind to number 44. Suffice it to say that he got a tattoo with this number behind the right ear.

In 2014, Lewis Hamilton (center) won the second world title

It should be noted that the preservation of non-champion of the world – quite a common practice in the FIA. Champions periodically reserve operating rooms, even though the rule that the winner of the World Cup next year should serve as number 1.

The following year, Lewis would have to work with a new personal race engineer. Jock Kliar with which Lewis won his second title, joined the team Ferrari.

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