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In 2014, Maserati has achieved record sales

In 2014, Maserati has achieved record sales

In 2014, Maserati has achieved record sales

In 2014 Maserati sold about 36,500 vehicles worldwide, increasing sales by 136% compared to the year 2013 and almost 6 times more compared to 2012.

The growth occurred in all the major markets in which there is Maserati. Such impressive results have been achieved thanks to the sale of the sport sedan E-Class Maserati Ghibli, the new flagship Quattroporte Executive 6th generation, and exclusive luxury models GranTurismo and GranCabrio.

The total number of car dealers sold Ghibli was 23,500, Quattroporte 9500 units, sales figures and models GranTurismo GranCabrio about 3500 pieces.

The US market once again confirmed its status as the largest market Maserati. In 2014, an increase of 110% compared to 2013 year, in absolute terms last year in the US market was 14,690 vehicles sold, and bulking models are steel-wheel drive models Ghibli and Quattroporte, equipped with twin-turbo engine capacity of 410 hp

The second largest market was China, with total sales figures in 9400 and an increase of 148 units% compared with 2013 year. Best sellers in the Chinese market have become the same Quattroporte and Ghibli, but with rear wheel drive and a twin-turbo engine producing 330 hp

Despite the economic instability in European countries, there was also an increase in sales of 153% compared to the 2013 year. The overall rate for Europe amounted to 6360 units. The leading models have become zadneprivodnye Quattroporte and Ghibli with V6 diesel engine 275 hp In Ukraine, the official importer – company Grand Automotive Maserati sales also increased by 70% compared with 2013 year.

Asia-Pacific region (excluding China) has shown impressive growth 206% from 4000 to sell a car, and the Middle East showed an increase of 144% compared to the year 2013 – during 2014 were sold 2050 units.

The results of the most successful year in the centennial history of the Italian brand, the company Maserati introduced in the current international motor show, which recently kicked off in Detroit.

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