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Kia Niro will offer to choose instead of “Prius” hybrid crossover

Kia Niro will offer to choose instead of "Prius" hybrid crossover

Kia Niro will offer to choose instead of "Prius" hybrid crossover

The company Kia plans to launch mid-2016 in a series of new hybrid crossover, which will be offered exclusively with a hybrid crossover power plant. With this model, the manufacturer expects some customers away from Toyota Prius. On it informs edition AutoExpress, the journalists who attended the closed presentation of ready for production off-road vehicle.

Kia Niro will offer to choose instead of “Prius” hybrid crossover

“Our research has shown that buyers “Prius” want to have a hybrid crossover, but they do not like the design of this model, – said the head of the marketing division Kia Spencer Cho. – Our car will offer those people a choice. British motorists, which we have already shown a novelty, welcomed the appearance of a crossover.”

It clarifies AutoExpress, design trends are features of the concept car Niro, while the general concept of appearance resembles hybrid crossover Mercedes-Benz GLA. The cabin has a large screen multimedia system, located a few horizontal lines keys different systems and blue plastic insert on the front panel, near the selector gearbox and on the doors.

Overall length is 4,350 millimeters SUV – 210 millimeters more Kia Soul. The model will be built on a new platform, as part of its power plant will enter the 1.6-liter petrol engine. Also scheduled appearance version with rechargeable batteries from the mains. The company says that the average fuel consumption will be about 4.7 liters per hundred kilometers.

In Kia recognized that fuel economy hybrid crossover will be slightly worse than the ‘Prius’ next generation (about 3.7 liters per “hundred”), which should reach the market in late 2015. However, the company believes that buyers are willing to exchange the best fuel consumption on a more stylish appearance.

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