• Today is: Thursday, December 14, 2017

Honda Pilot was a new generation of crash-test IIHS. (Video)

Honda Pilot was a new generation of crash-test IIHS. (Video)

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), conducted a series of crash tests Honda Pilot, has awarded the car the highest rating “Top Safety Pick +” (“safest in class” plus “), reports.

The seven-seater crossover Honda Pilot was able to pass all five tests IIHS with a rating of “good”, including the most complex and the newly included in the program test with the head-on collision with a small overlap (simulates the exit to “oncoming” or on the side of the road and then hitting the other car or pole driver’s side).

The innovative design of the body ACE Honda Pilot with two transverse and third longitudinal stiffeners in the floor, as well as elements of ultraprochnoy began around doorways and areas quickly programmed deformation around the engine compartment, helped to avoid threats to the dummy in the test from the head-impact small overlap.

The left front wheel of a large crossover with brake caliper after hitting it took away from the floor area of ​​the driver.

In a perfect score were “handed “Tests on the strength of the roof (if suddenly the car will turn over after the accident), frontal impact with an average overlap, side impact, as well as” good “to evaluate the work of seat belts and chairs.

At Honda Pilot 2016 no airbags for the knee area of ​​the driver – the engineers managed to place the entire electrical system power-steering directly into the steering column.

In addition, the developers have reduced by 135 kg weight of the vehicle in a new generation, in parallel increasing the torsional rigidity of the body by 25%. Similar bodywork Honda ACE with three ribs in the floor will be used for pickup Ridgeline second generation and for the next Honda Odissey.