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Honda cars in Europe will react when they are “clipped”

Honda cars in Europe will react when they are "clipped"

Honda cars in Europe will react when they are "clipped"

Modern technologies have changed a lot in the automotive life. Electronics lets you know the current mileage used car before purchasing it, and knowing its VIN number, you can learn almost everything about his past. Used cars become lighter and thanks to a lot of sites for ads on the Internet where you can publish not only text but also photos of the car. There are many other areas of automotive life in which electronic health systems simplify and improve driving safety.

European and Japanese divisions Honda introduced a new system of “Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control” or i-ACC. At that time, as a conventional cruise control just helps to stick on the road a certain speed and distance to the vehicle in front, they do not know how to react to a situation where neighbors “wedge” on your front page. Honda spent several years studying the behavior of drivers UK and mainland European Union to form a certain sequence of actions cruise control. The result is a system of i-ACC.

The cruise control system monitors the surrounding cars using cameras and radar, evaluating the relationship multiple vehicles simultaneously and calculating algorithms by their possible behavior in the next moment. If the system notices signs of rebuilding one car on the strip, which goes to Honda, the car is gently slow down, display the signal to the driver, and then begin a stronger braking, ensuring a safe distance from the car in front. The system will be in this year’s assembly Executive on the European model of Honda CR-V. About her appearance on other models not yet been reported.

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